questionsanyone have experience with iphone ios old…


Did you try this?... "In TInyUmbrella, uncheck the “Set hosts to Cydia on Exit"


@missellienc: Yeah :).. I've done pretty much everything - I ran down as many Google results as I could Which is why it's so damned confusing lol.. I appreciate the help though.. and it's definitely possible I missed something. I've been putting it in PWND DFU mode.. is that necessary for a non-modded update? I was thinking there was a small possibility that could be a problem.

I think it might have something to do with the iPod itself. I think I actually got the restore to work the first time around but cancelled half way through so I think that may have goofed something up.

Oh! 1 Question: Is it possible that TinyUmbrella may have found the 5.1.1 SHSH blobs in error (or found the wrong ones)? Would I get a 1600 if the SHSH was bad?


@drchops: I would take it out of Pwnd DFU mode. I always heard that was used for jailbreaking only. As far as the blobs, check out this Link. Good luck!