questionsis woot! trying to hide the woot! off?



If I buy stuff to help make room, will I be invited to the game room?


We can't make any good are you at playing pool, air hockey or ping pong?!


@rogetray: ohhh...i'll buy stuff if i get invited for ping pong.


@rogetray: Pool?! hmmmmm....

Will you teach me? I will bring some money....



@rogetray: And I'll buy if I can play some air hockey -- I'm house champ around here.


Great. The deal must be a Star Wars related item in the Woot Off...AND...the secret password into the Game Room is "Greedo Shot First".


@pitamuffin @morriea

Why do I get the feeling I've lost money to both of you before?! hehehe


Holy CRAP...The WOOT! Off is timed? 1/2 hour per item?

This is truly BRILLIANT. I hope it all is like that. The 1st 2 items have a timer on them. I LOVE it. Kudos to the brilliant person that decided to save my F5 key!


Awesomesauce. Yeah it seems like a very cool idea. I'll definitely forward it on to the right peeps and let them know.
Hopefully everyone else likes hitting the F5 key a lot less too ;)


So if I buy there is a possibility of friendship??


This whole timed thing is a good idea. Except, of course, that I wanted to sleep tonight.
Set an alarm for 30 min intervals ?

I have to wonder--Is this really about a game room ? Or are they clearing out to raise money for a field trip to South Dakota ?


@ceagee: This is a guess.

Since it is timed, there may be plenty of most of the items. I would think they will be for sale again later (after I sleep some?).


@ceagee: If you subscribe to the daily emails, you would have been notified by Monte and Mortimer's conversation:


@ceagee: Oops, my bad. Don't know why I tagged you in that last message. Please excuse me.


In the voice of Gordon Ramsey:

NEVER before.....(lifts up on toes and points) in the HISTORY of WOOT-OFFS.... (looks down to floor) have we EVER.....(looks around dramatically)....had a WOOT-OFF on SELLOUT! (smile)


@rogetray: Never! As we all know Han Shot First. I own multiple woot shirts confirming this and am old enough to remember. You happy, you made me say I am old.


Gredo shot first, find an origional copy that has not been remastered!
@rodgetray is correct with his password! p.s. I see you in the game room later and you guys can show me this pool game I keep hearing about. (as he sneaks in his own stick)


@conanthelibrarian: now i will be thinking about this all day!


Hmmm, I guess @rogetray didn't forward the great idea on to the right peeps, because we are back to the percentage left rather than the timer. Darn those wrong peeps! Oh well...


@philosopherott: Not sure if you're confused or just trolling... Han smoked that fool, yo.


Yes, they are trying to hide it....they must be making TOO MUCH money this month.....

I think it's a great idea....well played woot!


@philosopherott: i see what you did there. on all official video releases, greedo shoots and misses. in the theater (and per the original script, which lucas tried to re-release with the supporting edits lol) han's shot was the only one fired.


@pitamuffin: OH! I forwarded to the right people! (They just sometimes refuse to listen to me)

But I know they're certainly reading all the responses about the "Timed Woot Off"


@rogetray: UGH! There are very few responses there. Either people do not care or missed the timed portion and think the OP (me) is a bit off kilter (likely?).


@morriea: FWIW, I know you're not crazy. We were all there. I SEENS IT!

I honestly feel like they'll test it out again. It might be a new thing for future Woot-Offs. I dunno.
We'll just have to wait and see.


I saw it. There wasn't anything interesting going on so I left. I did buy two pairs of shoes from a different category (sports?) before I left.

I am not the person Woot cares about. I don't buy that much anymore and I don't contribute to the deals pages.

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