questionswhats a good way to go cable-less?


what kind of input(s) does your projector have? maybe get a coax to HDMI converter (assuming input is hdmi)?


Also post what tv/projector you have and let us help you with finding a work around. :)


What if you had to get two devices? Roku + Boxee would cover it all.

Or, just an ATSC tuner box + Roku:

Not sure how the above compares to what other ones are out there.

I'm not talking about connecting the two devices, just switching between them depending on what you want to watch.


I forgot to mention that there's a plug-in adapter for Boxee (for $50) that adds HDTV support via antenna input. I see in your post that you must not know about it.


Hey guys, sorry for late response, posted question then went to lunch. I have the Optoma HD20 (from woot obviously) and there is HDMI, component, rgb, and vga inputs. I dont think there is such a thing as coaxial to hdmi converter because even if video was converted there would be no way to change channel? or thats what i heard from what i could research

projector: (the woot link is broken for some reason)


@omnichad: I actually did hear about that, but wasnt sure how it worked/if that was what i needed for my solution, If you have boxee can you let me know? I also was curious how boxee is, because its without hulu nor amazon video, can i access these from its browser or what workarounds are there? Thanks so much


Yes that CM is one of a couple HD Tuners which I believe the OP needs + one of the other streaming devices. A good resource to HDTV tuners is this link:

Another option for the tuner is a DVR. While HD tuners start around $100 the cheapest DVR would probably be at least double that but the nice thing about a DVR is most have dual tuners, meaning you could be watching one channel while recording another(or recording 2 different programs). I've been OTA(over the air) only for quite some time and get by just fine. I have a Tivo which is the Cadillac of DVRs but a Tivo without monthly fees approaches $500, their are cheaper DVRs though. Check this forum for more talk on HD DVRs. Channel Master also makes a DVR as well as RCA which I believe is the cheapest available DVR.


Found this on Meritline, then saw that it is currently unavailable.

However, it does mention connecting to a projector. Doesn't have HDMI output, but has DVI with audio; Meritline has cheap converters for that. There is a downloadable installation guide and user manual in PDF format.


If you get a good HD OTA signal and you want a DVR solution your best bet would be a home theater PC with a good TV tuner add in. That solves the DVR problem and allows many (but not all) streaming solutions. Note that you can't stream some content via computer to an HD output.