questionsrefurbished products means they were broke and…


Not necessarily. Sometimes things are marked as refurbished because they were items that were returned or because the box had been opened. The items are then sold as refurbished vs. new.


It also could be items that were exchanged, traded, etc. and then put through a check procedure.


Typically, refurbished items have been returned to the manufacturer, inspected, re-wrapped, and any missing parts/accessories have been replaced. Re-manufactured items have been taken apart to some degree, and internal parts serviced/replaced. 'Open Box' items are just that; items that have been opened and re-packed. Occasionally there are some signs of use, as with 'Demo' items which have been displayed or used for demonstration purposes. Almost all of these scenarios include a reduced-term warranty.


I've purchased a number of refurb items, including half a dozen CPU's, my beloved little ASUS netbook, my Kindle, and several other small electronics. They all came with full manufacturer's warranties, and I've never had a problem with any of them.

I've only (knowingly) made one open-box purchase of a food processor from Best Buy. Two of its pieces were missing, and there was still dried food crusted in the bowl. Blech.


On another note, my Asus refurb notebook arrived doa. It was sent back to the source and was returned to me in working condition. About six months later it died. I had not purchased a warranty and was out if I recall correctly some $250. Other refurbs I have purchased have been excellent. Luck of the draw. I would purchase the extended warranty if I felt I was getting a good deal all the way around. Sadly it appears that a tremendous amount of what Woot sells is refurb.


@klozitshoper: You can also get a lemon when you purchase something brand new too.

I had a Ninja blender and it quit working. Got a new one. It broke. The store swapped the second defective one out for a new one. The motor seized up. That's Two defects on a brand new product that was not refurbished or remanufactured. I only use the blender once a day to make a smoothie. It was not in any commercial environment.

I just bought another brand that is known to handle anything you put in it at about 3 times the price.


@klozitshoper: Luck of the draw applies to most of Life, I think. My ASUS netbook was a Woot sale. These days, though, I buy nothing from Woot; I no longer trust their quality or their customer service, especially since most or all of their Plus deals are provided by some cheap-ass drop shipper somewhere.


@klozitshoper: I went through that with an HP notebook I bought as a refurb. The connection the the screen was bad. Sent it back to HP, they took forever to replace the screen, sent it back. It worked for a couple of weeks, just long enough to get past the warranty and then the connection became very chancy. I took it to a local repair shop. They replaced the connection, it worked for a couple of months, back to the same problem. They replaced the screen cheaply with a not-great screen from a dead HP they had. The connection worked after that but the screen died pretty quickly. In the end I hooked it up to my big tv and remote mouse and keyboard and used it as the entertainment system computer for years till the HD finally burned out. I replaced the HD for $25 but never have put in a new OS or it would still be up and running. So I would call it a lemon as it never worked properly, but I got about 7 years of service out of it anyway. Overall I've had great luck with refurbs.


@cengland0: Thats very sad you didnt have a good experience with Ninja blenders. My uses ours daily for her spinach smoothies (yuck), and I use it occasionally for my own smoothie. We've had ours for almost 3 years with no problem. At least you found something thats working.


@klozitshoper: I purchased a refurb ASUS from Woot a few months ago and haven't had any problems...yet. I hope I dont because I didnt extend the warranty either. I won't be buying anything else from Woot. When mine was shipped I was not notified and the box sat in the rain until I got home. I'm with @Magic Cave on Woot's CS. I'm now telling everyone I know to stay away. Which makes me very sad after the years I've spent praising them...


@nmchapma: If I made a spinach smoothie, the Ninja probably would have worked fine. The problem is I throw in frozen fruits like strawberries and blueberries. They are as hard as rocks when they go in and apparently too hard for the Ninja. The first Ninja broke off a couple of those rubbery plastic pieces that mate the base with the top. The second one seized up the motor completely. That's two defects between October 2011 and February 2014. Unacceptable in my opinion, considering I only use it once a day.

The new one is a Blendtec and the shipment has not arrived yet so I'm not sure how good it will be. I hope it performs better considering the cost is almost 4 times that of the Ninja.