questionsanyone know a good place to buy my son "throwing…


So that's different than the shoes they throw at politicians, right?


If you live near a Play It Again Sports, you might want to see if they have any throwing shoes:


thank you all -- some of those sites have some REALLY great deals. Shipping and return policy kills them though. It kinda sucks because buying online is cheaper in store :(

Thank you again!

PS i wish we had a play it again sports near us, we used to but they closed :(


@eeekdageek: I was going to come and say this store also, I bought from this site when I also needed throwing shoes(and some sprinters spikes!) and got an awesome pair that lasted all of high school!


As a former thrower myself, the shoes should help him out. Make sure you know which technique he will be using before buying, though. Some are taught to glide (especially in high school shot put) and some are taught to spin and they make different types of shoes for each.

If you've found a store that sells the shoes he needs, perhaps take him to try them on and try them out, then buy them online?


@supersox: i ended up buying the ASICS Hyper Throw 2 Throwing Shoes through Amazon cuz they have free ship and free return ship if it dont fit. Just got them today, he's yet to try them on...hoping and crossing my fingers :)


@eeekdageek: this store had AWESOME prices, but the return policy was ehh :( if I was for-positive what his size was i would have def ordered from them, you cant beat the price! thanks!


I'm a huge fan of Free shipping, free returns, zero hassle. I'm an avid runner and basically only buy from there.
There are typically some decent coupon codes out there, too: