questionsdid you know ups is delivering on the 24th?


UPS always delivers on the 24th. Part of the job.


doesn't the USPS also deliver regular mail on the 24th, and haven't they always? The 24th isn't a holiday in the United States.


Federal Employees have been given the 24th off. Well, most of them. The Post Office has to work that Monday.
I wonder to whom they'll deliver my mail to, because they have a helluva time delivering it to ME!


UPS even delivers for a few hours on Christmas day. I know a guy that does deliveries on xmas since they pay triple time. Gets paid like $80/hr for 2 or 3 hours. If you can work it around your holiday plans it doesn't seem that bad to work a few hours and get a few hundred bucks.


Well, it isn't a holiday so I guess I would expect them to be working. We don't have it off but this year, since I am at a new company, I get to work at home. Woo hoo!

Most everyone was going to be on vacation anyway but I always feel as though I should be around just in case something comes up. I lugged both laptops here so I should have more than enough to do and I can be available to the one person I know of that will be there.

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Apparently they're using the 24th as an excuse to not deliver packages on time - they must be assuming everything people ordered only needs to arrive by xmas.

I had a next day air package that should have been here yesterday, it was even scanned 'out for delivery' at 9:20 AM yesterday. But now it is rescheduled for Monday, when I'll be on an airplane over the pacific. Thanks.


Small town (<4,000) here. Our local USPS office has someone come into the office on the 25th. That person will to try to make phone contact with people who had late-night packages delivered in-office that might be expected as gifts.