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Some of my favorites:
"Sold out"
"Price increased"
"Dead deal"
"Offer expired"
"Coupon Code no longer valid"
"I like to take long walks and eat frozen corn dogs by the moonlight"

I think what you're saying is that it really shouldn't matter WHY it's expired. Expired should be enough.


Maybe to help prevent someone from going through and tagging everything as expired? A reason helps the mods determine what the issue is with the deal.


Depending on the reason I usually put something like:
"Current price is $X.XX"
"Daily deal is over"
"Sold out"
"Coupon [or Code] no longer valid"

Basically, I try to include information to show that there is a legitimate reason to expire the deal, and that I'm not just targeting deals or posters I don't like.


I'm glad this was asked. I've been wondering what other people say. I usually say one of the following:

Price break expired
Out of stock
Page no longer found

Sometimes I find that the price has even dropped lower. I guess if I thought it was a really good deal I would post it again at the lower rate. Actually, it's amazing how many old deals were on sites that are no longer out there. Makes me worry a bit about the fly-by-night nature of some deals. Urgh!


If I'm relaxed, I use any variety of the above noted comments, although my favorite is "per website."

I'm if busy, I just put a ' . ' in the blank space and send it.


@belyndag: If the deal originally got a lot of votes and the price-drop is reasonable, I'll often send the RIP notice and then repost it as a new deal. Hate to let a popular item at a good price go to waste.


@natedogg828: @gionot:

Best reasons why right here. Thanks for alternate point of view!