questionsdoes anyone know where i can get a human full…


Don't ask questions, and I'll get you one for free as long as you tell everyone we hung out the night before between the hours of 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Deal?


Search Amazon (or just Google) for "Bucky Skeleton". There are various quality levels - "4th quality" is the cheapest, and is fine for things like haunted houses but if you're really doing this for an anatomy class or something you probably want to pay for a bit better quality. Amazon has several of the quality levels.



Wow, allows you to buy actual human skeletons online.

That's vaguely creepy and disturbing.


@novastarj: yeah they both do, the boneroom site also. they were the first 2 hits on google btw, not my bookmarks. i mean, there is a legit market/need for human bones for educational purposes, from what i've read. key word being education. not curiosity, evildoing, etc. someone even posted a deal for a fetus skeleton here from a third site, but it was taken off.

some people leave it in their wills that they want their bodies donated for research when they pass. i think the head of PETA is one


My brother and his wife lived in a small Eskimo village were they taught school. Anatomy came up once, brother said he wished he had a skeleton to show different bones. That night a meeting in town with all the elders. They were both a bit worried, thinking he offened someone. The next day, elder knocks on day, said it was discussed and if he needed a skeleton they could boil the bones of a recently dead old one and use those. He politely declined.


Actually, Walgreens has a CHEAP skeleton that's pretty accurate and good-looking. Thirty bucks online. there's a great video on how to make one look like a mummified corpse using some plastic wrap and wood varnish.

What it looks like:
How to make it horrifying:


im down for desecrating a graveyard with you! we'll need a shovel and a big pot to boil off any impurities.