questionswho has experience with refurbished computer…


Refurbs have been very good to me. I have an old dedicated fileserver that runs on 8 refurbished hard drives and has been rock solid for around 7 years.

Contrast that with the last time I bought a complete set of PC parts brand new from newegg where I had bad ram (Corsair) and a bad motherboard (Asus) right out of the box.


I too have had good results in the past buying refurbs - even hard drives for that matter - I bought two refurb Seagate drives years ago that are still going strong.

The 90 day warranty is a plus - if it were mine I'd be running furmark stress test for a week straight as soon as I got it, though...

Ironically, the one dud refurb I ever bought was a 32 GB iPod Touch from, you guessed it, Sellout.Woot!


I've had good luck - even with hard drives. You have to remember how dumb the average consumer is. Most returns aren't for faulty merchandise - they just couldn't figure out some basic problem with how to use it.

While it's true that the refurbishing process doesn't catch some of the odder quirks a product might have, most things that are returned don't have a single problem with them in the first place.


I have purchased many refurbished components at Newegg and never one problem. I have received doa brand new stuff, but the refurbs have always been good to me. Depending on who refurbished the product it could be better than new meaning fully inspected, bad parts replaced and then fully inspected again. Most manufacturers have a very stringent refurbishing process. I tend to trust manufacturer refurbished more than store refurbished stuff.


We purchase, at my company, mostly refurbished computer equipment, and it is just as reliable as new. I also have no problem with purchasing refurbs for myself. Newegg is a very reputable vendor.


In my younger, poorer days I often had to resort to used equipment from flea markets, swap meets, kludge sales, etc.; everything from ibm-pc parts to older Sun servers. The only things I ever really had trouble with were used hard drives.


I have never purchased refurbed components, but I did purchase a refurbed iPad from Apple. No problems whatsoever. I think the issue would be with who refurbed the item.


So far over the years I've bought a bunch of refurbished computers and components, etc (3 desktop towers, video cards, and a laptop). All worked fine for years and showed now signs of prior usage.

The only time I should be worried about electronics is from the swap meet/flea market which is probably a higher chance of it being defective since I'm pretty sure it was more like straight from the "customer returns" bin which is probably likely to defect unless you lucked out on a good one, instead of from the manufacturer who inspects the products and sends them out in brown boxes or bags.

My philosophy, if it's not much of a difference from refurbished to brand new.. just go with brand new.

I recently bought a Jawbone Hero for $20 refurbished at 1saleaday that retails for at least $60 brand new. Still works like new and my mom actually accidentally washed it one day (it was left in my cargo shorts) and it still works!


Refurbished product actually goes through more extensive testing than new product. New product will only have a few samples from each lot tested. As a result bad product can slip through. During the refurbishment process each individual item is tested and verified to be working.


I buy all kinds of refurbished stuff including computer parts. Digital cameras, TVs, appliances, power tools, and more; I've never had any trouble with them. I've had plenty of DOA new stuff. I'm a guy who looks for deals to save money so I can get even more stuff, refurbished just looks like a deal to me.