questionshas anyone had any fradulent charges from amazon…


Nope. I bought the Harry Potter blu-ray set back in January and I haven't had any trouble.

Were those the only charges, or were there others too? Were they just authorizations or actual complete charges? Could you just dispute them with the credit card company, or did they suggest closing that account and opening a new one for you instead?


How much were the charges? And if you just clicked on the deal, saw it was UK, and left, how did they get your CC number?

vote-for3vote-against is part of amazon, so the site itself is legit.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally buy some movies with one-click?


I'm sure I didn't buy anything with one click or anything on this site and that part of it could have been coincidence, but I thought that was a little odd. It was for a gift certificate payable to some other person at another email address. The charges were just under $100, but I caught it almost immediately and quickly called my card to cancel it. I've don't know what happened, I try to be real careful, but sometimes you just never know. Thanks for the comments!