questionshave you experienced lucid dreaming?


Every night. In color. It's like watching a movie. I don't keep a dream journal, most of the stuff that happens is fairly banal. No tips, it's just the way my brain works.


There have been a few times where I've had nightmares, realized it and changed it into something far more pleasant, yes.

Ever suffer from sleep paralysis though, now that sucks. The first time, I was full on hallucinating. The last time, a few months back, I realized what was happening, but still couldn't move.


I had a dream while daydreaming, does that count?


Yes, absolutely. I have manipulated the course of my dreams many times. In most dreams, I am aware that I am dreaming. Nowadays, I don't remember my dreams as much, I should start working on that again, I think it leads to a more creative life.

Just an interesting aside, some wooters might enjoy, I have dreamed for years about zombies. These dreams are never scary, always funny. They seem to happen when I am having trouble with someone close to me not "keeping up" with something going on. As represented by the slow moving, lumbering zombies. In the dreams, I am always accompanied by whoever "gets it", and we always are doing casual, fun stuff, in between brief battles and chases. In one particular one, I remember, fighting off a hoard, while having a cocktail, and trying a complicated new recipe. Mine are always in color too, and in other dreams,(thankfully not the zombie dreams) I have noticed odors.


@sykotek: I have sleep paralysis maybe once a year, if I had to guess. It does scare the hell out of you right away, I've sort of gotten used to it though. The last time it happened, I just told myself to calm down and wait to wake up. It felt like it took a couple minutes, but after imagining the feeling of moving my hands, even though I couldn't, I woke up :)


@dmaz: @sykotek: That has to be really terrible, how scary! I am picturing that Poe story, where the man is buried alive, mistakenly.


How about false awakenings? Those are always fun.


I did (big-time) when I was taking high dose Niacin in the mistaken hope that it would help with my "good" cholesterol.

The vivid dreams were often worth the itchy skin...


I've been able to produce lucid dreams since I was about 10. As I recall it started with learning to turn falling dreams into flying dreams. I love the flying, the swooping and soaring are fun, but to just float away by leaning up is my favorite.

Another dream I've had since childhood is one where I get to explore familiar places and find hidden cavelike rooms, winding passageways, impossibly tight gaps through walls and floors that lead to weird staircases and ladders. Haven't experienced that dream since I visited City Museum in St. Louis. The dream didn't have slides and I didn't need knee pads, but the museum felt eerily familiar.


I had a recurring theme in a dream, basically monsters and I would have some kind of firearm. The firearm would blow away walls and put big holes in things, but when I would shoot at the monsters, it would shoot bubbles, or go "click", or shoot Nerf darts, etc. During my last dream of this type, I recognized it was a dream and was able to shoot monsters galore. That was the last time I had that dream.


Lucid dreaming was my hobby back in high school and to some extent college. Once I even managed to stay lucid during the process of falling asleep. Best tip I have is to periodically ask yourself, "Am I dreaming?" Once you're in the habit of doing this two or three times a day, you will continue the habit into sleep and may be able to tell that you're dreaming when you make your "reality check."


Yes, the odd thing about my lucid dreams are that the people inside the dream don't seem to react to me like I thought they would.


My most vivid dreams were from when I used nicotine patches to quit smoking.

As for sleep paralysis, it happens usually a couple times a year, and is always accompanied by false-awakenings. No matter how many times I have had them, I ALWAYS am trying to shout my way out of it, which I think works, only to realize I'm still paralyzed and dreaming. Subjectively, seems to last a really long time, but I honestly have no idea how long it lasts in reality.


Mine's the opposite.
There's a family trait wherein many of the male folk sometimes sleep, and therefore dream, with their eyes open. So if you come in the room and I'm actually sleeping, you could ask me a question. Then (silently) I'd dream I answered, dreamtdyou said something else, then I'd respond to that statement- out loud. My answer of course is not at all relevant to the last question. My wife loves doing that, when she finally figures it out.


Well I did sorta have one. I must have seen something that triggered me to do a reality check because I put my finger completely through my hand. Unfortunatly I got too excited and woke up. D: