questionshow are sponsored deals screened?


Honestly, I rarely click on or even look at sponsored deals anymore. Thanks for the warning, though; if something catches my eye in the future, I will think twice.


I haven't been in trouble in a while. Today seems the right day for it.

How are they screened? With rare exception, they are not.

Sure, most of the truly shady actors set off alarm bells, and get rejected, but considering some of the businesses that later turned out to be disasters, I'd do a whole LOT of investigating before I touched anything in that column. Here's just a few over the years (it's early, I'm drinking my first cup of coffee, you kids get OFF MY LAWN).

Dollar Deals Club: That's right, they actually had a sponsored deal. I'm not sure that one didn't get deleted, in the mad rush to remove evidence (it seemed like hundreds were deleted, but it was probably less than that). I see that they STILL have active deals out there (

GearXS: I know, they were already mentioned, but they deserve the extra notice. There are four other companies that are really GearXS, and I long ago quit keeping track of the shills.



Oh, my. The cynicism I see in the comments on that Bowflex deal. Thanks for making me go look, and I'm happy to say my coffee cup was already empty.

From the earliest days, it's been very clear that most of the entries on the sponsored deals list are a range from pretty decent, to one step away from spam. I've seen that most of the sponsored deals of late are legitimate places, but I'd bet a LOT of money that there's a sliding scale of payment, depending on whether you're the Perry Ellis outlet mall or (shall we say) Bowflex Dumbells. The irony in that offering is so thick I felt like finding a magnet to test it. Oh, wait, no magnets, sorry.

BTW, I no longer trust Woot deals, either (except for wines on wine dot woot). It used to be that Woot had the items they were selling, all jumbled up in the warehouse in TX. Now that so many of the items on Woot are from drop shippers, and other companies... Don't even get me started.

I need MOAR COFFEE!!! Back in a few...


@nmchapma said, "There have been some pretty scary vendors with sponsored deals lately. It seems to be the norm for them to take a bunch of orders and only fill a few."

Doesn't this sound like what Woot has become? And I agree with @shrdlu, I no longer trust Woot deals, much less the deals posted here at Deals.Woot.


I'm pretty sure the screening criteria is whether or not the check clears.


You may want to also list your Custom Tags in the body of your message since it is just screaming to get MOD-ified!!!

tags: are-sponsored-deals-really-being-checked-out?

By the way, I like it!! :-)


I would be shocked if a) woot does anything other than a cursory "did the check clear" verification and b) if anybody from woot comments on this post, or the calls for commentary in the sponsored deal. No general counsel weenie is going to let a woot rep come and talk about how they do X, Y, and Z to verify a deal, because it could (I'm assuming) open them up to some sort of liability if someone gets/feels ripped off via a sponsored deal. And ain't nobody got time for that.


Anyone else notice that about 2/3 of the comments here have mysteriously disappeared?


@magic cave: yeah, that happened with gearXS a year or so ago too... as long as they were buying sponsored deals, woot kept deleting negative comments.


magic cave wrote: "Anyone else notice that about 2/3 of the comments here have mysteriously disappeared?"

if anyone is interested, feel free to come on over to where comments aren't deleted and topics don't need to be in the form of a question. ;p

The simple solution to this whole thing would be to completely eliminate the sponsored deals or only accept sponsored deals from well-known and trusted sources. Seems like an easy fix to me.


I asked this in another thread {to be fair, just asked, so no response yet} , but I think it bears asking again. Now that PWP has left, who is in charge at Deals?


@edurne: Let's all go over there... why? There's 14 members and no content. The site looks like it was made in the early 90's. If you're going to self promote your own website, at least make sure the site is worth seeing.


@seodev: you forgot the physical threat if he doesn't stop.


@ceagee: No one will answer that. We've seen nothing but canned customer service answers for weeks now. I hate to see this please becoming another sketchy deals site but that seems to be the direction we've taken.


@nmchapma: Did you forget how to read? I said if he attacked someone's family in front of me I absolutely would have escalated it. Why don't you post your full name so we can pick your entire life apart for the world to see too?


@seodev: Nathan Michael Chapman (I'm not the one with all the tatoos) Good Luck.


I'm bookmarking all of those shady sponsored deal pages linked to Vincere. I'd be very interested in seeing what happens with the people who order. If Woot's now putting scams in the sponsored deals without the decency to weigh in on their vetting process, then I'm done with this site and I'll start warning friends/family to stay away as well. There's too many other deal sites to have to stick around and put up with that poor of business practices.

Now I'll wait and see how long this comment even stays up before Woot deletes it (another reason why I'm strongly considering leaving).


@seodev: LOL
I don't expect "everyone" to go "over there". It's merely an option for those who may want to post on a different board that isn't moderated to death.
Three forums are visible to unregistered "guests". All of the others are visible only to registered users. Registered users don't see the ads, either.
The posters who choose to post there generate the content. I'm not interested in entertaining you or enticing you to post. It's not a money making venture after all. :eyeroll:
The skin will be changed at some point and other changes will occur as necessary. The posters there know I welcome any and all suggestions. It's their board, too.
Oh and since you find the board so offensive I'll go ahead and do you a solid and ban your username so no one will be tempted to use it.
See how reasonable and helpful i can be?
You're welcome. ;)


@seodev: If your intent is to help these vendors by supporting them, allow me to suggest that you're doing it wrong.


I don't think the mods are around at all. My tags are exactly the same and they've usually been changed by now. We've been deserted.


@nmchapma: they are around, one of my tags on a deal got modded from art-supply to art, supply. Not a big deal but proof that someone is looking at some things


Just for the sake of completion:

It's a response to the requests for information on @joanne33782's question.