questionsdo you know of any hidden musical artist gems?


I think you'll like THE HORRIBLE CROWES
give em a try!
Then listen to some FRANK TURNER or BRIAN FALLON


@kamikazeken: Brian Fallon is an incredible singer. Honestly didn't even know he had other side projects along side Gaslight, thanks man!


If you like pinback check out rob crow's solo albums.
This town needs guns
built to spill
punch brothers
sean lennon
and a second vote for frank turner.

Paging @cowboydann to chime in as well.


@wilcononomous: Mother of god. Unknown Musical Gems? I'll try my best not to overwhelm you by just selecting a few of my current favorite hidden gems.

Ben Cooper is Radical Face - A Pound of Flesh Music starts at 1:00 if you're in a hurry. Sorry for kind of ruining the surprise, it's always funny to discover he looks nothing like he sounds.

Also you say you're not into country, I suggest you check out some alt country like wilco or calexico. Although Calexico is more the tex-mex of the musical word Still worth Checking out - Calexico - Gypsy's Curse

I just saw these guys on friday, they put on an amazing show Fang Island - Daisy Optimistic rock music.

If you have a I could go on for hours about music with you and we can help build each others collections. Oh shoot Linking seriously cuts into my thread. continued...


From now on to maximize space I'll just link songs and names.

Red Stars Theory - How did this room get so white? Soporific Dreampop/Slowcore

Creeping Weeds - Billy Pilgrim

The Scenic Vermont - Elementary - PNW "indie" slowcore

Frog Eyes - One in six children will flee in boats Not for the faint of heart - Stereotypical "Indie" Sound. it grew on me though.

Ugly Casanova - Barnacles - Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) Side Project

Wolf Parade - I'll believe in anything

Sorry if this is all too mainstream, If you need something a little more obscure let me know and I'll do some more digging for you, to find something a little more raw.

here is my by the way


@cowboydann: Great Suggestions! I really enjoy Red Stars Theory and Creeping Weeds so I was thrilled to see links! It surprises me that more people don't enjoy searching for new sounds and artists, they are just happy to sit there and enjoy most of the mainstream "pop" crap with generic beats and monotonous lyrics.


There are a few YouTube musician I really like:
Orla Gartland
Hudson Taylor
Gabrielle Aplin
They're kind of singer/songwriter.


@studerc: Your tastes are adequate, we should talk shop/trade albums sometime. Shoot me an email

Cowboydann at gmail dot com.


I'm not somewhere I can handle fancy urls so I'll just post links without the fancy stuff:

I really enjoyed A Day For Kites: and The Seven Fields Of Aphelion and I completely unironically enjoy Les Rallizes Denudes but one of my favorite shows ever was Hallo Gallo because it was so beautiful it hurt my heart.

I also recently learned of W.I.T.C.H. (We Intend To Cause Havoc) and just this weekend I picked up Roberta Flack's first album, First Take, which is in my opinion a damn perfect record and historical document. I don't consider her hidden but am surprised how many people don't know who she is so I might as well mention her. Here's one song from it

And Dann, excellent taste as always.


oh yeah, and I heard some local Seattle hip hop recently that I'm in love with:; but I don't think he's got an album yet. I actually heard this over the radio, which impressed me.


I heard Nickleback was pretty good, try that.

@slydon: bad link for me, anyone else?

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Have you heard the Asylum Street Spankers? They are hard to put into a niche, at least in my limited music knowledge. I think maybe they would be called "rockabilly". A lot of their music has a classic blues feel, a lot of it has a sort of torch feel. Here's a link to their site:

Here's a link to a few of their songs you can stream:

I especially like Sad Bomber, Watching the River Flow, and their anthem, Asylum Street Blues.

If you like folksy kinds of music you should also check out Fleet Foxes. White Winter Hymnal is very unique and lovely.

If you like rocked up celtic music, you have to check out Blackmore's Night.


Lastly, if you like a harder rock tone, check out the Cruxshadows. Being a gamer, I love their song Winterborn (it's the theme song for one of my characters) and Monsters.
Acoustic version (my favorite):
Here's the rock version:

It's funny, I didn't think I had a response for this, not being a music-ophile.


@j5: cut and paste it, don't click it. I don't know what broke but I'm sure the devs are on it.


Murder By Death

Not Metal

Referred to at times as Americana/folk/punk/ whiskey devil music


Kaizers Orchestra.

Sure, the lyrics are in Norwegian, but they have among the greatest sounds ever -- their debut is in Tom Waits' top 10 favorite albums of all time, if that says anything.