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I'm mostly ignoring it, other than the parts I always paid attention to. I agree about the quality posts, though. I didn't know that's what they were, but I saw it, and don't much care for it. I actually like the drop down box for each site. It gave me a quick look at the wine selection (my cellar's full, but I'd still go for something amazing). I don't get the Woot Plus stuff. It's kind of like Side Deals used to be, except... Deals is supposed to be what Side Deals was.

I still like the polls. I'm an idiot, I know, but I almost always vote on the four polls, unless there honestly isn't a choice I can like. Sellout now has a poll, too. Lucky me! (I picked "2005-2006: The Early Broccoli & Carrots Age")

I am having lots of trouble with authentication. If I close the browser, I lose whatever cookied it is that will let me look at the account stuff, and I have to log in, even though I am logged in.

Heck, I still think the site's too wide. That's for @snapster. :-D


Generally I'm fine with the changes... EXCEPT... I still can't up/down vote any comments using my IPad... The Woot powers that be have been notified but I'm not sure how high on the priority list this is... Very frustrating. Once that issue is resolved, I'll be fine with all the changes... (hmmm... Amazon plot against Apple??? No, couldnt be... Or Could it?)... Sorry for the rant...


Like the tabs. A lot. Though the drop-downs are a bit oversized. Do not like woot plus, think it should be moved somewhere - perhaps as a tab of it's own at the top of the page, w/a drop down that will take you to the site of your choice. Bring the description back to the land-on page where it belongs. Too many clicks to get to it.

Overall impression - woot is now very similar to every other 'slick' site & has lost that unique touch. Too loud & brassy. They're playing Dixieland, when it should be cool jazz. Disappointed, though not surprised, that deals.woot was not 'improved.' For instance, adding FAQ's, eliminating questions from the rep algorithm. Improved? Yes. Needs more, and I think that staff is busy doing that.


I'm sorry, but it sucks, like gravity...


RE: Quality posts. Every time I click on a Woot page I see @CowboyDann's name.... LOL.


@mikecris: I don't have a problem with this.

As for the QP's I don't like the fact that they're limited to <20 words now. What used to be "Cowboydann Suggests 'You shouldn't complain that you got nothing but cheap crap in your BOC' " will now say "Cowboydann Suggests 'you shouldn't complain'"

I guess I'll adjust, but they are cutting down the length of what you say for the QPs.

Overal I enjoy the new woot. we started a list of pro's and cons over here. Feel free to edit


It feels more cartoon-y than before, not sure if it's a good or bad thing but it is a thing.

Can't say I dislike the new look and branding.


Ditto on preferring the old quality answers format. Much easier and helpful to have all of them viewable simultaneously in a priority position.

The only change I really like is the scroll-over previews of each .woot site via the top tabs. Although that tab bar is too thick when I scroll down. I like that it stays at the top, but it is too big up there.

Overall, the new layout is too shiny, too trendy, and too cluttered; very visually confusing. Product pages really push the descriptions down the page, and the descriptions are a big part of woot's unique flavor. I feel that the redesign has crushed the flow of the old pages, something that is critical for all websites. I guess that's my main gripe: New Woot! feels like pages of disjointed related pieces that have not been arranged properly.

Grade: D


I really, really, really want to like the changes...... but, so far, I am disappointed and mildly irritated.. Hopefully, I'll get used to it and like it better than I do now (anything would be an improvement).


Oh, and I copied and pasted my response above and sent it in via the "beta feedback" link at the top of the page so Woot! formally received my feedback. I'd encourage everyone to do so as well, with their feedback.


Well, not being able to post a deal right now is pretty lame, and I'm blaming that on server problems caused during the revamp. Not happy.


I still not happy with it but glad to see them implement changes quickly.

I am glad they mellowed the white background, because it was giving me a headache that first night.

Still feel it's too cluttered. Not sure why they made the woot! plus deals larger and more prominent... more of an eye sore.

The rolling quality posts are annoying, but with better placement and slower speed maybe it could be decent?

Have also begun to notice that people with long names in forum posts will have their name cut off after so many letters so that WootIsAwesome1337 looks like WootIsAweso..... (made up name).


The new description pages, menu bar, previews, tracking, etc. are great.

My vitriol is reserved for the bastard creation woot! plus. It infects the intro pages, the daily digest emails, everything. I can live with the poppycock "list price" if they would please, please, ditch woot! plus. If you have to have it, make it a new tab "Plus!". That I'll never go to. #subtractwootplus


For the most part I like it. The Woot.Plus Deals don't interest me this week but I'm sure future ones may. Deals.Woot used to be kind of usable with iPad but now I can't do anything.

Overall I give the change a thumbs up.


I do not care for the side deals/ woot plus they take too much real estate in the daily email digest. I would prefer to see the woot properties at the top rather then seeing these side deals that don’t change from day to day. So if you have to keep them then swap them on the email format should go in order of: Woot Properties, Mort and Mortimer then the woot plus / side deals

You did do a good job of making sure prices were listed in the email. This is important to me so I can see what each woot property is offering at its price right from the single email.


I'm frustrated because I can't upvote comments on my iPad. I posted a question about it, asking if other people are running into similar glitches, and describing my problem, and the question was quickly deleted. I have no idea why, but it is the second question this has happened to. Both questions were "complaining" about the new woot.

Maybe the deleted questions are yet another glitch.

Overall, when I factor in the MSRP issue, my feeling about the "new woot" is not as trusting of them as a company as I used to be, and I'm frustrated.


Oh I get it, deleted because it was too close to this question. I just saw a comment in my inbox from another member.

I was specifically asking about glitches, so I didn't think it was a dupe, but I think it was deleted on purpose (which is reassuring, since I don't really get the "new woot").


Oh and also--I cannot follow any links that are within the answers to questions. I'm guessing this is an iPad problem--yet another frustrating glitch.


I'm seeing quite a few errors, including ongoing problems with maintaining credentials. I am using this account to test email notification, since I've seen at least one comment mentioning @shrdlu, and I had not received a corresponding email for that comment. The comment was made over an hour ago, so either those notification emails are reall backed up, or things are broken. I'm also seeing questions show up with missing comments. When I refresh the page, the rest of the comments show up. This implies problems with cacheing, or perhaps the database itself.

Never easy, is it?

I really really REALLY wish that there was a page somewhere, with a list of things noted, so that we'd all know whether or not something had been found, and whether or not it was being worked on.

Oh, well. It is what it is.


I received the message from theflounder, so "unsubscribing" from notifications, and then "subscribing" fixed it. Whatever happened to the nice little check box?

@josefresno: I am mentioning you merely because this is my lazy way of adding to the list of problems. I made an earlier comment:

I am seeing the comment count (and visible comments) be incorrect, although it seems to happen more often with IE than with Firefox. Am I the only person who can't seem to maintain credentials? I've mentioned this a few times (and endless times in that beta complaint box which seems to fall upon deaf ears).


The thing I liked most about deals, previously, was its separation from the rest of Woot. I miss it.


@shrdlu: "Whatever happened to the nice little [subscribe to this thread] check box?"

Yup, I'm commenting here because it's now the only way to subscribe.


Same as when it first changed.


Now finding I like it even less, seeing as how SSSSSLLLLOOOOOWWWW it's become.