questionsi'm looking for ideas to get out of my comcast…


BTW, I'm in South East Michigan (metro Detroit) if that helps


I actually went through this last December due to a money crisis (unemployed).

Me and my gf realized the only things we really watched were nature documentaries, cartoons and Adult Swim. So it wasn't as hard as you to switch it all off for just internet.

Now if you still make local calls, why not pick up a cheap $40 a month mobile account from Virgin/Boost/Metro PCS?

We went from paying around $160 for internet, two room cable connection with DVR and phone line plus $130 with cell phones (around $300 a month) to $130 a month for just cell phones and internet.

I splurge the extra $20 on Netflix and Hulu streaming. It's worth it.

Plus dem torrents.


Why not cut the TV, and get Ooma for the phone?


Vonage is a bit too pricey. I use Broadvoice, personally - decent customer service. I pay $15.42 a month and get unlimited in-state calling. It's 3.5 cents per minute out of state, but I actually have a computer set up to route my calls and those calls go to a different provider for a flat 1.25 cents per minute. It's probably much simpler to just pay the 3.5 cents per minute or use a cell phone for out-of-state.


Do you need a landline? I've been landline free for 10 years. One less bill to pay.


My advice would be to stop paying for crap you don't need. Ditch the HD and On Demand and just use Netflix. Do you lose a bit of selection? Sure. Does it save you $60/mo or whatever? Hell yes.

If you're keeping it for the kids, guess what? They will watch the same mindless episode 50 times and still think it's the best thing ever. I haven't paid for cable TV since I got Netflix, and don't miss it one bit. My queue is still a solid 300+ with tons of great series that I haven't gotten around to watching yet.