questionshow many phone contacts is too many?


If you need them - there is no such thing as too many.

I go through my phone when I'm waiting somewhere (like a Dr. office), and delete old text messages and contacts I've not used in a long time.


I add important ones to Google to back-up...others are only saved to the phone. I then just wipe them all and add from Google. I never count them....I just do not care how many.


I have three categories of contacts on my phone: contacts I actually use; contacts I rarely use but I can easily imagine someone requesting from me; and contacts that I want to make sure that I would never, ever, ever answer the phone if they call. :)


@neuropsychosocial: I've got a handful of "spam1", "spam2", "telemarketer", "robocall", etc contacts in my phone. Makes it easier to know who to answer and who not to.


I support smartphones for my company and I have seen people with in excess of 30,000 contacts. I asked one of the guys, assumed most of them came from prospect services, but he had personally met every one of those contacts. Still waaaaay too many as far as I am concerned, but was really impressed that he had at least had an interaction with each of those people.


@funkadelic78: That's impressive. I mean, 30,000? Wow. If he's not the CEO he should be soon. As for the OP, I have maybe 25, but only need about 15.


I generally have a "one year" rule on phone contacts.... i.e., if we have not contacted each other in any way whatsoever in over a year, you get deleted. That being said, I still store all my contacts online forever, just in case.

400 isn't too many at all if you actually could contact all those people though. No particular reason to distill it down in this day and age when phones can easily store thousands of contacts.


I have about 300.

Like @neuropsychosocial, a bunch of them are so that I won't answer the phone if that person calls me (these contacts are set to block the caller so my phone doesn't even ring). This accounts for about 50 of them.

I also save phone numbers for restaurants and the like that I've been to, which covers at least another 50.


How many is too many? When the phone won't store any more.
How many do I have? More than 100, less than 200. It's integrated with my outlook, so a lot don't have numbers, just email addresses.


I've got 20 here.
18 are folks I work with.
Yes, I have no life.

^hermit haiku^


When you have more in your list than you actually know, then you have too many. I periodically weed through my list to make sure that it's current and not clogged up with people I won't ever contact. I also categorize them so that if I don't recognize a name, I will know it's a contact I gained through networking for work (never know when those might come in handy!).