questionsare there any deals on a unsc halo vanguard…


@cindihoward: Please consider using this when asking a question instead of typing in ALL CAPS:

It converts yelling into sentence case. Thanks! :)


Thank you. I have tried these websites and that is where I will purchase if I can't find a better price. If you see a sale over the holidays, please remember me. Thank you for your time and effort to provide these links!!


@faughtey: Merry Christmas! I'm sorry. Did I post something improperly? I looked back through my post and cannot find any caps. But I do try to watch my tone when texting or posting so if it was shouting at someone please forgive me.


@cindihoward: Merry Christmas! This question was in all caps, and I converted it to sentence case. You have not been here for awhile, so welcome back!