questionsdoes anyone know the size of the screws needed to…


Does your tv have the universal VESA mount (4 holes an equal distance away from each other, forming a square)?

If so, it most likely uses the universal mounting screws which are included in most television mounts.

If they were not included, these are universal VESA replacements.


My TV claimed they would come with the wall mount, and vice versa. I ended up picking mine up at a local Tru Value, just in the metric screw section. I looked up the spec online to find the size.


Not sure the bolt sizes but any useful TV mount will include a plethora of hardware to ensure you can connect your TV to the mount. I bought a cheap Rosewill mount for $20 shipped that came with all the hardware (now $30)

They have this thing for $12, free shipping, if you want to mount it flat to the wall... Also includes all of the hardware.


m6 choose your length based on what your mounting it to min is 20mm