questionsmotorola xoom or ipad gen1? which would you buy?


Looking at older gen tablets I'd probably get the Xoom if it's just for intertainment and you already have a lot of Android stuff. The older iPads are bad about not running (at least not well) the most recent apps, especially games and video streaming but I've never had the problem with android (I am speaking from experience on all counts). I'm sure someone will come along and rebuke that statement, but thats my personal experience. I currently carry and iPhone and use an ASUS Transformer (1st Gen). Obviously the apps don't mix but since they serve different purposes I'm happy with the setup.

We're about to get my wife a tablet for Grad school (only one degree left! WHOO!) and we'll probably get her a newer iPad for the productivity.


I know little about the Xoom, but I have owned every version of iPad so far, and I love them. That said, if you already have lots of tablet-optimised Android apps in your Play account, then it doesn't make sense to rebuy all your apps for iOS. If, on the other hand, you have only Android Phone apps, then you're looking at a poor experience running phone apps stretched onto a bigger screen, so you would buy apps again anyway. And you should consider the apps that you have already purchased for your iPod and your wife's iPad: many iOS iPod apps are optimised for both iPod and iPad screens.
Another thing to consider: is the Xoom able to run a recent version of Android or is it versionlocked out somewhere in the past? That may be an issue as new software comes out that has minimum version requirements. The iPad 1st Gen is capped at iOS 5.1.1, so the same problem may start to apply as new apps may require iOS 6. I'd look for an iPad 2 instead.
Whatever you decide, have fun!


With this being the choices, I, too, would opt for the Xoom. Besides being invested in the infrastructure and the cameras, there is expandable storage via microSD card and the micro HDMI out. Not having to deal with iTunes is always a plus, but there are alternatives for managing the iPad (Copytrans is an example).

You might be able to get a side by side comparison at


@curtise: Just FYI, The Xoom WiFi Only runs 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and the 3G version runs 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Motorola is one of the companies that stays fairly current on updating the OS. There is no real issue here with fairly current devices.

Another consideration that has been left out is the 3G service provider. The iPad will be AT&T and the Xoom will be Verizon.


I own the Samsung 10.1 and I vote for the Zoom....more bang for your buck. Plus more apps!


I am not a fan of Apple products at all, but a chance at a cheap iPad is something I would consider. In my house we have android phones and a Kindle Fire HD. There are just some things that are only on the iPad. If I ever wanted to get the TiVo stream that is Apple only. My Verizon Fios TV offers more functionality for those with iPads. Consider how each device fits into your local tech ecosystem.


If you have an iPhone, get an iPad. If you have an android phone, get a Xoom. If you have neither and like to do neat amazing stuff with it like bluetooth it to your cars computer to get live engine statistics and fault codes, get the Xoom. If you are not very tech savvy, only browse the web and read PDFs and maybe the odd game of angry birds and don't mind being locked into a single manufacturer of products for a long time, go for the iPad.

I personally got the same Xoom that is on tech.woot today, only I got it almost 2 years ago (still refurb). It cost more back then and I still don't consider it a penny wasted. Has run well aside from the odd stutter and unlike most other tablets, it gets the latest raw flavor of android pretty much immediately (admittedly not an issue on apple devices in the first place). I replaced an iPod Touch with it and officially broke the apple cycle in my life and have not gone back.


The iPad 1 is woefully underpowered, though it does still run 99% of the 600+ apps I have on it :).
(I have a 3G 64GB version)

eta: Keep in mind, Jelly Bean is the last iteration of Android the Xoom will see (barring custom ROMs)
and iOS5 is the last iteration of iOS the Ipad 1 will see.

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I love my WiFi Xoom. The only bad thing is that the WiFi sucks on it. However, if you get the 3g model, that probably won't be an issue.


I have had my xoom for a year now.... its just the wifi 32gb version but is the ipad killer.... the droid that smacked all those apple guys upside the face dual core cpu...

I love mine


@hodakaroadtoad: I some wha agree but I dropped my two phones and got a mobile hotspot for 30 bucks a month and skype withe a phone number etc.... works bad ass