questionswhat is a good double stroller?


Is there a particular reason you want a side by side? Are the children twins? Are they infants?

If they aren't both infants, my recommendation is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller - Folds up decently, among other benefits.


For that matter, here's a newer model they have out that looks pretty versatile -

Still not side by side.


@thepenrod: I wish they will be twins. I have 1 year and we are expecting another by July. looking for side by side as my brother got the greco not side by side and it hard to push and move. I want a strooler that is easy to push and light weight.


@thepenrod: by the way that is a great stroller.


@coolman6992000: The one we have (which is 4 years old now) is actually really easy to maneuver as long as you don't have a ton of weight on it. Ours can handle two kids up to 5 yrs old but it just gets more difficult to maneuver the heavier the total weight gets. And it's not hard to push even then (just turn). Coming shortly we'll have an infant and a 2 yr old on it. The 4 yr & 7 yr olds will just have to hoof it. (Although, we have had 3 kids on ours. One in front, one sitting behind them, and one standing.)