questionscan anyone direct me to a legit windows xp home…


@shrdlu: Nothing. They were very helpful and I feel like I showed my appreciation for that. I have another computer that I'm working on for a relative, that I need to install Windows XP. Since the community was able to provide me links for a Vista download that I could not find, I thought they might be able to help me with XP.


For XP, the OEM discs are tied to the specific OEM that made the computer. If it's a Dell laptop, just about any Dell disc will install on it without trouble. So find another computer or get a used disc on eBay.

If you have a copy of the retail version of XP you can create a disc for your particular oem by copying the needed files to the XP CD image and burning it:


Don't you think that the downloads website given for vita just maybe might possibly have a windows xp download?


Have you tried circa 2001 or is your time machine broken again?


You and your "relatives" sure do "lose the discs" and have "hard drive failures" a lot.