questionshow important is timing when posting a deal?


(Continued -- Darned limits!)

Anyway, I posted the deal again here and forgot about it (busy week) until I received an emailed copy of a comment from @mybestuser1 who said "This is weird. Why all the down votes and no comments. Last time this item was on deals woot it got a lot of up votes." Naturally I clicked over to see what was up and discovered this:

Very strange, indeed? What would cause Wootizens to upvote an item on July 16, and downvote the same deal on July 30? There are no comments other than the one I included above from @mybestuser1. I don't mind downvotes. Generally my deals do pretty well here and I only recall going into the negative category once or twice, but the turnaround in just a couple of weeks intrigues the sociologist in me.

Any ideas, folks? What am I missing here?


Sheep, I think. Someone gave it a down vote and others followed, hoping to raise their position on the Leaderboard by being part of a voting trend.

Personally, I come from a long line of flat-bottomed white chicks. I might have to give these a try.


I don't know, I saw your deal last night and thought the same thing. I know which day you choose can make a difference since the weekend is a dead zone but wasn't sure about time of day.


Much has been postulated about why deals are:

1) voted for

2) voted against.

Personally, I think it's all controlled by the moon phases. IOW - there is no absolute answer.


@gmwhit: LOL! Moon phases! Why didn't I think of that?


Weird, I saw the first down vote on it and thought it was strange, because it was a good deal. I thought I had up voted it then, but now no vote is showing from me.

Maybe everyone got their bootypops from the last time, and they made their butts look flat? And then they were all too embarrassed to say anything.


@pickypickypicky: That could explain it. Or perhaps they got their Booty Pops the last time and now they look AWESOME and don't want the competition!


We'll know when we see them, won't we. :-P


I have to agree w/ @bigauthier , that in this case it looks like sheep were at play.

As far as timing in general. I have noticed lately, that if you post too early in the am, your deal is more likely to get lost in the spamy junk crap. EVen if it's a nice freebie you have been sitting on waiting to post day of. Less chance of wootizens wading through all that sh&*t if on a weekday when shills are extra busy.


@ceagee: Love the picture!

You're probably right. I try to post a deal as soon as it comes up. Unfortunately, this site posts new deals in the evening, so they often get lost. However, now that I think of it, the first time I posted it, when it was quite popular, I posted it in the evening. Maybe all of those with the need for extra padding back there are at the beach this week, flat butts and all.


Timing is everything. There is an active band of meany-heads here and, like vampires, they want to suck the life out of this site. Unlike vampires, they seem most active in the morning :-)


@belyndag: I thought I would test to see if timing makes a difference so I posted a deal that I know usually gets TONS of upvotes. After 3 hours it has 5. I think @ohcheri is right with stating that the first thing in the morning is best.


@ohcheri: LOL! Meany heads?

You should watch your filthy language!


@belyndag: I'm working on it but some days...



Two theories: The first time it was posted it was viewed was a joke deal for the most part so people had fun with it. The second time it was posted all the jokes were gone so it was viewed as a real deal. It could also be that it was downvoted because of the site that was selling it.

The second theory was that some folks remembered the previous posting, but not the original poster, and saw it as a duplicate. This can occasionally happen with products that are killed off and then come back the next day. Since the community was made aware of it, posting it again so soon is in bad form.

Of course those theories could be all wrong and it is the sheep effect, just the first time the positives found it before the negatives. First deal ended with 46 ups and 15 downs, while the other deal currently has 4 ups and 13 downs. It could be just who made it there first to plant the "Follow Me" flag.


@wisenekt: The "follow me" flag theory supports the "sheep" theory mentioned above. Probably exactly what happened.

As for it being in bad form to post this when the deal was made available by the website only two weeks after it was first posted, well, when it sold out the first time I assumed that folks who might have missed out earlier would like to know that it was available again. I see this happen pretty frequently. When a vendor gets a product that sells well, they generally try to get MORE of this item. I see no reason that it shouldn't be posted to DW again when that happens. Certainly the original post would have either been expired or at least lost in the shuffle.


@belyndag: Bad assumption. Do you go back and recheck each of your deals so you can expire the dead ones? If not, then it's entirely likely that no one expired them, so a search would show it as a still-active deal. You post a ton of deals, but it really is considered good form to monitor your own deals and expire them as they die.

As for older deals getting lost in the shuffle, that's what the search function is supposed to prevent. If you're reposting the same deal, then surely the system alerted you to the existence of your first posting?

When I think I've spotted a duplicate, I usually take time to click through the first one to see if it's still good, but I'm inclined to think a lot of folks may not bother with that step.


@magic cave: Actually, when a deal I've posted previously is available again I always make certain to expire the earlier one. That déjà vu function is a helpful reminder. I also try to remember to go in monthly and just expire EVERYTHING I posted that's more than two months old. The deals might still be active, but I see no point in leaving them unexpired. A search by someone looking for something specific should still turn up expired deals unless they limit the search using the advanced search option, and if its something they really want the links still work so they can check it out.

Which reminds me that I've been so busy with family drama that I haven't done a big "expire" project in a couple of weeks. Time to get to it!


@belyndag: 'Which reminds me that I've been so busy with family drama that I haven't done a big "expire" project in a couple of weeks. Time to get to it!"

Don't know about you, but that's absolutely my { sigh } most favorite use of spare time...