questionsdoes it make you sad to see superman hawking…


I don't mind because he's hot and I'd like to see more of him.


I haven't seen any of the ads. Are they on television or on side-ads here?


@magic cave: tv. Hardee's and some car commercial.


He's in print ads as well. Gillette has some ad asking how does he shave.

I've long said I won't be watching this movie because they turned Superman into a whiny little bitch. Now he's a cheap whore, too.


No. It's marketing. It happens.
Not a huge Supeman fan myself, but I am excited for the movie. Snyder and Nolan are movie gods to me.


I find movie tie-in advertising to be generally pretty lame, even when the movie is good. It's not like Macaroni N Cheese or Mountain Dew tastes any better just because it has a superhero on the package. If anything, it kind of puts me off certain products when the movie really sucks.

That said, Superman's been advertising stuff at least since the 1940s, so it's not exactly anything new. If you want a trip down memory lane, here's some dumb but funny old superhero Hostess ads, some with hilarious commentary:


Speaking of Hostess, I always found the Peanuts/Dolly Madison deal to be very (ahem) tasteful.. Was Snoopy snarfing down Dolly Madison pies? No. Were the kids served Dolly Madison pies in the cafeteria, or after school as a snack? No. But the specials were 'brought to you by' Dolly Madison, and various Peanuts characters appeared on the packaging.


I believe superman has been used for advertising for at least 50 years now. I also liked GM's placement of vehicles for the Transformers movie.


would love to see him do a TROJAN ad


I think the "How does Superman shave" campaign by Gillette is really lame, but I wouldn't say I'm sad about it. Sad is puppies falling out windows.