questionswhat is your favorite food to put todd’s bayou…


I use it on tuna or salmon, sometimes eggs. I've used it like a rub on some burgers and chicken breasts a couple times, wasn't bad.


@xdavex: Thanks. Most people vote up, but I really wanted to get some suggestions.


I use it on fish (catfish, tilapia, etc.) and sometimes on veggies (roasted cauliflower, for example).

I use the original dirt (not the Bayou version) in soups and stews, on veggies and in eggs.


Crabby dirt helps with roasted veggies. It's flavor is too light for most heavy applications.
Bayou dirt has been awesome on anything we've put it on, but the favorite is white meats (pork/chicken/etc.) It's got a LOT of flavor and can overpower subtle flavors in dishes if you aren't careful. This is my favorite of the Dirts.
Original Dirt also has great diversity and I love putting it on sirloin with some cracked pepper. But really, the thing it's done the most for? Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. I know, I just had to admit that I've made that in the last year - but seriously, we fought over the leftovers. The leftovers of hamburger helper. That's what Dirt did for me. Savory earthy flavor that lends itself well to bringing out the naturally occurring flavors in meats and dishes.


@thumperchick: Sounds pretty good, I haven't made Hamburger Helper in ages.


I use original dirt in pasta sauces, marinades, and as a dry rub. It's got this subtle 'jerk' flavor that works really well.

Bayou dirt is my favorite though and I put that on basically anything/everything.


I am actually glad @brasssong posted this. A ways back I received a BOC that had 2 containers of Todd's Dirt - just checked and it is Bayou Dirt. I gave one away and just have never used mine yet. I guess I better start using it.


Everything! Fish, chicken, in soup, on roasted veggies, baked meat, ice cream, stuffing, eggs, salads, egg salads, sauces.


I throw the cajun Dirt on grilled cheese.