questionsbloody mary drinkers: what's your favorite mix?


Zing Zang! Once you go Zing Zang, you'll never go back to anything else. I've found it in Walmart, ABC Liquors (chain in the South) and in my military commissary. Very reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. Try something other than a celery stick for a garnish while you're at it. I like olives, pickled beans or asparagus. They're all pretty good.


Finest Call, be sure to get the "loaded" version.


This is what I do:

6 parts V8 Juice
3 parts vodka (high quality)
1 part lime juice
1 part olive brine (hard to find, but you can just use regular olive juice if you don't have a bar supply store)
Horseradish (to taste) (Or you can use Tabasco, but I like HR)
a few shakes of Worcestershire
salt and pepper to taste

Garnish with celery

Been getting complements and "can I have the recipe" for years....


@ryanwb: I think I will need to try this recipe this holiday season


@ryanwb: That's pretty much the exact same recipe I use and extra tabasco sauce never hurts anything.


Spicy, with a strip of bacon in it. There's a bar nearby that does them up right...almost as good as the ones I make myself.


@ryanwb's recipe seems pretty much spot on. I've never been a fan of anything pre-mixed, I think everyone should mix their own so they can get the ratios precisely to their liking.

This might be blasphemy on American Thanksgiving, but I love telling people about the Canadian variation simply for the reactions it gets.

It's called a "Caesar" and it is the exact same recipe that ryan described, but it uses something called "Clamato" juice instead of V8. It is literally a clam and tomato juice blend (I do not know the ratio, nor how one harvests "clam juice"). I don't have a clue why it caught on, but you can't really get a bloody mary in Canada, you get a "Caesar".

Anyway, it might not be ideal for this weekend, but if you feel adventurous and spot the ingredients (which I have only ever seen in Canada), I would recommend it. There is a reason an entire country adopted them over Bloody Mary's.

Dont get me wrong Bloody Mary's are tasty, this is just a variation I thought I'd point out


Major Peters Bloody Mary Mix. YUM!

The best Bloody Mary I've ever had is at the bar of a family-styled seafood restaurant in a town nearby. The bartender keeps some of her recipe a secret, but the base is Major Peters. I was delighted to find this out since I have loved Major Peters for years. I think she adds Tobasco and maybe some lime juice. Reading the recipe above I'm starting to think that maybe she includes a splash of olive juice. I do know that her Bloody Marys include pickled okra and pickled green beans along with the olives. It's a meal unto itself! (Or at least a salad!)


Pepper Vodka is also a plus. Good stuff. If you add the bacon strip, celery (or pickled brussel sprouts), you'll have a BLT over ice..


+ 1 on pepper vodka.

Also I really like Old Bay seasoning in my blood mary, try it it's amazing.

Also serve with lots of olives, pickles and celery.

I like trader joe's mix, but V8 is really good as well if you supplement it.


@countdown: Budweiser makes Clamato and Budweiser combo in a can....sounds just awful :-p


@ohcheri: really?! That does not sound appetizing in Budweiser form, but perhaps made fresh it could be good. It does at least raise my hopes that you can find Clamato in the US. To be honest I've never bothered looking since moving here, but I don't really drink much in the first place.

But there you go, try it with clamato this thanksgiving.


Most of those Bloody Mary mixes have a ton of sugar or HFCS, which is why I always mix my own similar to @ryanwb 's recipe (but with more horseradish).


@countdown: Caesars are delicious! My recipe is includes: Clamato, vodka, a Claussen pickle and pickle juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco, cracked black pepper, and some garlic stuffed olives and olive juice. I can't speak to the measurements, I just eyeball it. Happy Thanksgiving!