questionsshould there be a "42 strikes and you're out…


The community should really just buy the rights to deals.woot and take it over. We clearly know what we want and all seem to agree even if the woot(azon) mods don't seem to have a clue.


"I'm well aware that nothing is actually going to change, but if you could change it, would you want to ban vendors who just don't seem to have what folks here want?"

Yup. If we've clearly told you, stop trying to peddle your crap here, we don't want it, and you keep trying...trying by posting the same unwanted crap at the same crap, non-deal prices, then yes, banning would seem appropriate.


Is the #42 significant? Maybe the number of posts is all part of the calculation done by the mice and beyond the puny brains of us humans to fathom. (I assume a few of you will understand).


@morriea: I just knew someone would catch that coincidence!


Unfortunately, as we've seen time and again, they will just respawn as something new. But it's a good idea.

@morriea: I am against animals testing on humans. It's inhuman ;)


I like your tags, but you forgot "sh1t-or-get-off-the-pot". That's common in my neck of the woods. Anyway, even though 42 is the answer I think that's too generous in this case.


Another question is this: are the sellers making sales? Is that not a valid indication as well?

Despite the hundreds of down votes they get every time, Crocs keeps coming back. They MUST be making money on deals.woot to take that kind of abuse.


@xochiluvr: One assumes that, but Crocs is a sponsored merchant, and they post deals infrequently.

You make a very good point, though.


I don't care about my 'score' so I call out non-deals constantly, both in comments and via flagging. I know my activity pisses some people off, but I know for a fact that it has helped reduce/remove the number of crappy or non-deal posters/vendors. I used to get flamed for some of this and still get retaliatory downvotes on my own deal posts when I comment openly, but recently I seem to have gotten more upvotes and support. My biggest gripe is people who abuse the system to self-promote 'deals' from a single particular vendor on the web or eBay. They are relatively easy to spot. My other gripes are posts without sufficient info, duplicates and lazy-ass sloths who won't even do a basic Google search to compare prices before posting.

That said, I do not comment or flag indiscriminately. I don't bother with items I don't care for or know nothing about, and I try to post 'real' deals as I find them.

THANK YOU to all who have tried to make this place a better experience.


Who's to say though. It is like the oh Cheri deals. I wonder if half the up votes are due to a sexy woman in lingerie vs an actual deal on said product. Is that a worthwhile deal then because of the up votes or just some kind of brand loyalty?


> It is like the oh Cheri deals.
> I wonder if half the up votes are due to a sexy woman in lingerie
> vs an actual deal on said product.
Actually, that's bass ackwards. I'd say almost all of the up votes are for a good deal on a good product. Which is what she says, and what she sells. Sometimes all she does is be an affiliate, but it's still a good deal.
I will upvote oh cherie for a good deal, on an amusing holiday oriented product, presented in an interesting fashion. Hot chicks are nice. but this IS the Internet. If I want pics of hot chicks, gigs are always available with a couple of clicks.
If you don't like it, don't click. There's a huuge number of products I don't click on, and yet I don't down vote them, either.
There are other vendors that advertise the same type of products here. They don't get down votes, only because they shill for existing big name shops.
It's those people that auto down vote only because it's oh cherie that should be monitored.

Yes on 42!


@xochiluvr: Vendors don't really have to make much money.
Most times it costs nothing to post here.
Even if you don't sell, it's still free advertising.
If you sell anything, it's still a plus.

It's like the ebay sellers that post here.
Posting was free. Anything at all is a profit.
And some folk that do look and don't buy that product may look at other products.
And they may buy something else.
And all it "costs" was maybe five minutes, once a week, to post here.