questionsanyone else have a problem with their acer…


I contacted them on ebay so I imagine I won't hear until tomorrow.


file a paypal dispute and message the seller


Are you sure they sent you the correct model #? I looked at a picture of it on Amazon and it appears to be to the left of the other ports.


@drsilentg: Message the seller first, give him/her/them a day or two to respond, and if there's no response or an unsatisfactory reply, then file a dispute with Paypal.


@magic cave: i do both that way they HAVE to respond. i've had to many sellers try to ignore me until i file a paypal dispute, then they message me within 12 hours


@rookie3001: Sorry for the issue. We have your case and you will receive a reply today. We'll work with any affected customers to remedy the issue.

The contact information (for anyone else with an issue):

Thanks for pointing out the issue.


Just as a follow-up... Acer did respond to my message on eBay... they acknowledged it was a listing error and offered a partial refund to keep the monitor or a full refund to return it all-together. I opted for a full refund and they even paid the return shipping, even though the eBay listing was described as "buyer" pays for return shipping.

So even though it didn't work out, they were very professional and I was happy with their customer service.