questionshave you ever put carpet down over a tile floor?


The owners before us just laid a big piece if carpet scrap down over the tile in one of the rooms in the basement. They put padding down too, but the problem is it's not secured in any way which is especially noticeable around the edges... I'm not sure of the correct way to do it...maybe screw the tack strips into the tile/cement? Adhesive? I just thought I'd mention that without stretching the carpet somehow, you won't be satisfied cuz it'll bunch-up.


@bsmith1: I was coming here to say that I've seen it done but the tack strip was the issue.

A friend of mine does flooring for a living. He has installed all types in about every scenario and he said when he first started out, it glued some tack strip to ceramic tile and it went like normal. he said the only issue was that the floor was 1/2" higher than the other rooms because of the tile. As far as he knows, the strip never pulled up off of the floor but that means that it'll be a pain later if you ever decide to pull it up.


What kind of tile? Vinyl, composite or ceramic?


@robingraves: Ceramic. I am not fond of what's in the living room, hallway or foyer and I would like to be able to put carpet over it instead of having to tear it up.


You can look into the "carpet tiles"
they are carpet but go down like tile and they interlock. No need for tack strip.

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