questionsis there such a thing as purgatory for fresh…


I voted on your SPR, but I think I found it after voting on one of your deals today. I know what your talking about as I see pages fall every day that have tons of votes. I have seen them into the fifty's and not show up on the popular page. Yet, if you are lucky enough to know what to search for you can find them. I see where the fresh page shows the page count but when you get to a point the rest of the pages are gone.

Is it a bug? I don't know. But great find on the movies.


Your deals are too old for the fresh tab. The oldest fresh deal right now was posted Sunday at 15:47:56Z. Your South Park deal was posted just a little before that at 14:07:34Z.


@chris12345: Well that explains it. Thanks. Didn't realize the Fresh tab had such a short shelf life.