questionshow many wooters use a double-edge razor?


@gidgaf: I too enjoy Wilkinson brand blades. As a matter of fact, I prefer them over the Merkur brand because 1. its tough to beat the cost ($2 vs $9 at the cutlery store), and 2. . . well its tough to beat the cost for a sharp blade that gets the job done. Furthermore, with its value pricing you can use once and trash without hurting your wallet (if you choose to do so)

Have you checked your local Walmart? That is where I pick up my Wilkinson Sword blue pack (10 blades) for about $1.85


@blakemorillas: I've been using the same Gillette for almost 50 years.
I got it when my Dad upgraded to a better model @ 1966 or so. Never had an acne problem, either!
I really liked the Wilkinson brand of blades, but they're hard to find these days.
I've found that the disposables take more than one trip to shave me, whilst my old double edge cleans me with one swipe.


I made the switch about 7 months ago and will never go back. The real reason was the cost because I was tired of paying $25+ for 4 razor heads when a 10 pack of double edged razor blades at Walmart will set you back $1.75.

So after talking to the guy at the Cutlery Store at the local mall (I was looking at the Merkur model 180 Long Handle) he let it slip that he is still using the same Gillette safety razor for the past 40 years.

Now I live in an area with an over abundance of antique shops. And to make a long story short, I bought out everything the town had (average cost $4 per razor). Brought them home, spent a couple hours deep cleaning them, and then handed them out to my friend and family as well as keeping a couple for my self.

I know I could have sold them on ebay for about $50 each, but it just feels so much better "converting" people to the world of a cheaper and far superior shave.

Plus, how bad ass do you feel shaving with something that is 40+ years old!


I use one. I have used cartridge and electric prior. The cartridges give a good shave, but the refills are expensive. Electrics can give an OK shave. I have a Panasonic electric that I take on trips.


@drfaulken: I recommend Proraso shaving products. I have a Merkur 180 razor.


@jeremytheindian: Honestly it doesn't take much longer than shaving with a multi-blade razor.

On the weekends, I will occasionally take my time and go all out re-lathering & making three passes. Especially if we're going out.


I would love too but I'm always rushed in the morning. From what I've read its a great shave but only if you take your time.


@drfaulken: I went with a parker 22r - because I was specifically looking for a TTO (butterfly). And it looks really cool. I'm not looking to get something else, but I don't recommend that one because of the odd arrangement of the opening knob.

As to shaving soap, It hasn't made much difference for me. I shave in the shower, and my beard is not overly coarse. The VanDerHagen works fine, although I'm hoping that Old Spice starts making theirs again.


I don't use one yet, but I am researching them. What did you start out with, and what would you recommend, especially for shaving cream?