questionsdo you use third party cash-back sites live…


I use several different sites. Don't forget FatWallet, they have a program also.


I've been using ebates for years. It really pays off after the holidays. They issue the refunds quarterly and I've always gotten money back -- anywhere from $15 to $50.


I used to use ebates but now pretty much shop with upromise since I get cash back for my son's education.


Actually, I use Upromise, too, but not as often, for my niece.


I've been weary of using these sites, mainly because I worry about giving information to unknown 3rd parties, and because they seem like a lot of work (and I'm not great about remembering to request my rebates by the deadline). I'm glad you posted this so I can feel safer about signing up for them - I'm definitely going to look into it now, thanks for starting the conversation!

Anyone have any feedback on Upromise and if they have redeemed any of the cash yet? I've been considering signing up to pay down some of my student loans but haven't found any real-people comments on if it's a good program. Let me know if I should post a separate question so I don't hijack this one, but it seems related enough.


@kristiwsu: You might get better responses if you create a new question about Upromise as more people would see it in the title.

Myself, I like Bargain Match because they have a browser plugin that will remind you when you visit a participating site so it simplifies things. It works in both IE and FF. All I had to do was give them my PayPal email address and I can request cash back at any time.

I signed up for eBates but found that the cash back % was lower for most sites so I really didn't stick with it.

I didn't know about FatWallet but I'll add that to my list too!

Most of my cash back comes from things I was buying anyways, like gifts (iPod Touch for my wife), some IP cameras, computer parts from Newegg, health items from (use my Flex Spending Account deit card and earned cash back!)


I remember when Bing had a cashback program that worked with eBay. I got $250+ in cashback on things I was buying anyway.

Now I mainly use Bank of America's "Add It Up" program and Mr. Rebates.

Most work on an affiliate program basis. They get a kickback from the site you buy from, and in turn, they give you a small percentage of that. Sometimes, they get volume bonuses so even though their initial per-transaction earnings may be tiny, they can increase what they pay out to you by figuring in their bonuses.


I've never used them, but now I'm interested. Thanks for the heads-up.


I always mean to but can never remember to.


I've used Ebates religiously for a couple years now and am approaching $500 total cash back since I started. I use them for everything. I will check out the others mentioned here though if their cash back percentages are higher!


I've used ebates for several years. I wish Amazon was on somebody's list.


I actually run BargainMatch, so I definitely use it. My balance is now up to $337!

If anyone is interested in giving it a try (or is already a user), shoot me the email address you registered with at BargainMatch and I'll put $10 into your account as a thank you for trying us out. You can reach me at support (at) I've used both FatWallet and eBates in the past, and we've tried to improve the experience...making it easier to get the best prices on product with shopping comparison, paying people faster, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.