questionshave any of my fellow wooters been to new orleans…


I completely agree that New Orleans is back. They've done a great job keeping the business district, french quarter, and downtown area fairly clean. Great place to spend New Years, JazzFest, or Carnival (Mardi Gras for you rookies).


There are still parts of town - specific to rolling in from Slidell - that look like Katrina happened just a few weeks ago.

One block is immaculate, the next boarded up and a disaster.

I hope New Orleans can finish getting everything cleared up.


@mtm2: Well, the more tourists who cpend time and money there, the more quickly they will be able to rebuild.


Yes, several times. Here to say the Quarter STILL smells of lemons, vomit, urine, rotting vegetation and debauchery. In other words, other than some sad, derelict buildings around the area, it's business as usual. Y'all go visit. They'd appreciate your business. And say "Hey" to Carl at the Marriott on Canal. He is one of the nicest Bellmen with which I have ever had the pleasure of speaking.


@mtm2: We were also really struck by this - and we even saw blocks where one house was restored, but was surrounded by abandoned buildings in all directions. The pictures we took were shocking to people back home who thought -like we did - that everything was surely back to normal by now.


@lavikinga: "STILL smells of lemons, vomit, urine, rotting vegetation and debauchery."

LOL! You are certainly not encouraging tourism, except for those Wooters who might actually ENJOY the smells of lemons, vomit, urine, rotting vegetation and debauchery. Well, I'm glad to say that these scents have been absent during my last few visits (although I haven't been in New Orleans for Mardi Gras in many years, when these scents are probably much more rampant.

And we just left that Marriott. Carl says to tell you "Hey," too.


@caron7: I'm afraid you're right. Much of the city is not back to what it was and probably never be. Thousands of people have never been able to return, and not because they don't want to do so. Jobs are fewer, housing is incredibly expensive, mostly because so much of it was lost, and many people I know just can't afford to move back. Of course, much tourist business was lost, further hurting the economy. There is still much to see and do, particularly in the French Quarter area where there was no flooding. The Aquarium, Insectarium, Audobon Zoo, RiverWalk, Jax Brewery and the Art District all look great, too. The restaurants might be fewer, but they are still wonderful, and there is much more to see and do. I go there on business pretty frequently, but rarely get to play tourist. Every time I do I am pleased to see the progress, although it's slower than we would like. Mardi Gras is coming up, and even though it's not for everyone, some of you might really enjoy it.