questionswhy do people insist on talking at the urinal?


If I wasn't me and I peed next to me, I would try to talk to me to get a peek of me.

But that's just me.


Long video - but it COMPLETELY tackles the subject. Talking in a men's restroom can lead to the downfall of society...


I hate it. I'm not in here to talk and be friends. I'm in here to get in and get out. We can talk outside.


I don't mind chatting with friends/family while taking a leak in a public restroom but strangers are not allowed to talk to me while i'm peeing.

Usually when a stranger talks to me in a public restroom I respond with the most awful sorts of things as to keep them from ever talking to another person they don't know in a public restroom again.

Creepy Stranger: "Hows it going man?"
Me: "OMG! Look at this! Hey, how much blood in your urine is too much blood???"


Creepy Stranger: "Whats up man?"
Me: "Shut up, shut up, shut up!!! Haven't I done enough?? I killed a hooker for you yesterday!!!"

Society, You're welcome...


Never talk to a man when he is in a smallish booth taking something of value out of his pants.

This applies to urinals as well as ATMs.


I swear and the older they are the more they talk. Just because we are co-workers doesn't mean we are friends.


COMPARATIVELY speaking that doesn't happen in the ladies room. Only conversation there is asking for TP. And rarely, a bit of chit chat while washing hands, fixing make-up at the mirror/counter.


It's okay as long as you talk about manly things like construction projects.

I would recommend commenting on the quality of the workmanship in the bathroom itself. Try telling the guy next to you how great the caulk looks.


I can't go if there's someone next to me and I can see their face or hear their voice, so the idea of someone talking to me while standing at the urinal is just horrifying. Glad it's never happened to me.


Happens in the midwest all of the time. If you ever walk into a bathroom and see the guy who uses a urinal while both hands are flat against the wall, about 2-3 feet above the urinal - that is a guarenteed urinal talker. I've never seen anyone stand like that who isn't a urinal talker.


@cloudscout Thanks... I am now wiping Pepsi off my monitor. =)


@gmwhit: I'm not sure about that, one of the things that drives me nuts is how every time I say I have to pee 5 other girls have to follow me to the bathroom and make it a social event.


@meh3884: I still don't understand why girls always go to the ladies room in a group...


Anyone else have someone try and shake hands with you in the bathroom? I'd rather talk to that guy than shake hands any day...


@meh3884: I know! When your done do you just leave and go back to what you were doing or do you stick around and wait for the others to go (if only two stalls)?
Also, are you obligated to stick around or is it just the nice thing to do so the last person in the stall doesn't end up talking to themselves?


@sorensok: Um, gosh, how to ask this question...How does one direct the flow into the urinal, and not on ones shoes, with BOTH hands on the wall?


@sil40 I aim to please. You aim too, please.


Because it's fun to make people like you uncomfortable ;)


I don't understand the problem. We're just all people.
My wife thinks it's a major disaster if she ever has to go #2 and she's not at/ near home. Sometimes she turns the water on.
I'm a regular guy- all I need is a quiet corner and a few moments, and I'm OK. I used to play sports, and I used to work construction. Urinals were mostly old tubs with occasional running water. Toilets were "over there"; if you're shy about it bring a newspaper.
Then again, being a guy, and using urinals quite often, I've often wondered why I'm looking at a blank wall. Some Playboy pics, maybe some Picasso, even a Monet print would be waay nicer than the view I usually get.