questionsis 'free' a four-letter word in the deal title?


Here is the deal:
Not begging for votes, just so you can see if I am missing something. The item is still listed as free.


I like free, and have picked up some good free games over the years. Post on, wooter!

NOt that this is one of those games, but I do get irritated when a game is "free" but you have to make in game purchases to be able to complete it. I'm not averse to the occasional advert, though. Years of TV have inured me to that.


I think the idea is that the price doesn't go in the title, but in the price field.

So, had you filled out the price properly, it would have said:

Jump Out! HD game for iPad for $0.00

But since you didn't fill in a price, it doesn't say anything.


did you enter a price when you entered the deal? sometimes when you enter the 0.00 they will convert it to free. but if you don't enter anything the word free gets taken out. this has been my experience, not a rule or a often seen happenstance, just my milage. maybe if multiples of us tattle it and ask mods to add the word free back to the title? it worked for a chicken steam hat i seem to remember......


Just based on simple math, yes. There are 4 letters in the word free.

Seriously though I've had deals with free in the title changed too. Apparently the Woot mods are not a fan of our shenanigans.


Thanks, everyone.
@okham Yes, when games hide the fact that you have to pay more to continue it is very annoying. Bigfish is very up front about that though. They usually give a 60 minute trial. And no ads. I used to use Gamehouse games and Oberon media (was through best buy) and they were horrid. Littered with ads, glitches, and in some cases malware.

@tsfisch @moosezilla Yes, I did leave out the price of 0.00. I was hoping to eliminate the 'free for 0.00' redundancy. I will take your advice next time I post.

@gideonfrost I miss the days when deals.woot encouraged shenanigans. The Woot sense of humor is part of what attracted me in the first place. They even removed my amusing tags on this question (wtfree, whogivesafree). Oh well.


wellllll, I don't know what's going on with your deal, but this one doesn't seem to have any trouble with "Free" in the title:
FREE Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray with $90+ purch

Nor does this one:
Jack in the Box - Coupon - FREE Order of Mini Cookies for $0 + free shipping

So I call shenanigans.

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Free is still free IMHO. It should be included.