questionsi just got a boc from woot and i have no idea why…


Wow, awesome! Congrats!


As someone who hasn't ever gotten a BOC, I'm praying I go home to find a BOC on my doorstep.


I would have made sure there was nothing "ticking" inside before opening ;).


That's awesome! I know I have said this a million times, but Woot! does care about their customers. It's nice to see things like this.


That should have been from me kinda- I sent you it for winning le shirt photo contest of yore. It's the swag I promised but took forever to send (sorry).


@raider9924: If @cowboydann: ever decides to eliminate the cowboy competition, you just know it will be in a woot box. If @agingdragqueen: hadn't taken credit, I would have advised caution. : D


@pickypickypicky d'awwwz I'm flattered by how well you know me <3

Remember @capguncowboy I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE...oh wait I sent you a calendar...that means... you know where I live too.

I guess we'll let this one slide then.


Lesson learned, send BOCs - get a lot of upvotes.


@agingdragqueen: Thanks for that! I had checked back at that contest later and wasn't able to find my entry. I figured it was deleted for being overly silly. I'm glad to know you guys still have a good sense of humor!

Thanks a million. I will put it to good use!


@agingdragqueen: If you want to test the theory you could always send me one to test your hypothesis ;).


Woo, yay!

And @capguncowboy, they definitely still have a sense of humor, as one can tell by what was captioned under my submission. At least, that better have been a joke ...


@raider9924: I agree, I'd happily be a guinea pig .


yet another boc I'd never get


@agingdragqueen: I am withholding my upvote until I receive a BOC as well ;D


Oh! So that's where my box of randomness came from!

I just had mine delivered to work yesterday, and I was like...ohhh, I haven't ordered anything from woot! (that would justify a box that big).

Thank you very much @agingdragqueen

I am happy to report that I love, love, love the Lock and Lock set. I've been contemplating buying one for a while now, but never had the money to do so! But, the kids tees will be perfect for my shirt.woot quilt I plan to make this fall as well.

It totally made my day when I got it, so I seriously cannot thank you enough!


Congrats deserve it!


@baybei: I was running out of time in Dallas after gathering all the stuff into boxes otherwise I would have put notes in them to make it more obvious. But I figured once I got back to Seattle, hey, I like surprises- so should they!


@agingdragqueen: Oh, I love surprises! You have no idea, I live for them! I was just trying to figure out why I got one, lol! It should have been delivered sooner, but since it was going to my job, poor Fed-Ex tried to deliver it a few times that we were closed. I was thrilled to get it. I can honestly say that making a fool out of myself for the If a Tree Falls picture, and the time spent on the real Cats Resume shirt were 100% worth it!