questionswhat is your experience with telescopes?


Well, obviously you are way outta my league so I won't mention the old standby Uranus ;)


@aksman44: I've seen Uranus before. So beautiful...


Due to a court order, I'm no longer allowed to both own a telescope and live in a house within 1 mile of people. Why is it my fault? They should have curtains dangit!!!!!!!!!!


My last landlord (before buying a condo) built an observatory on his roof and had several reflectors (~4.5" and 8"). Being in NY City, with much light pollution, I never could justify getting a decent telescope for myself, though I got good binoculars (Celestron 8x56).

Daughter#1 is taking Astronomy next semester and should have much better skies (upstate NY). I'm hoping she enjoys it as much as I did.