questionsis anyone going to the legend of zelda symphony?


Depends on whether the orchestra will have an ocarina or not.


I really want to go, but my car just took all my money. Going to try to as long as I can get reasonably priced tickets.
Show isn't until July so I should be ok.


None of them are close enough to me to warrant asking my friend to drive me (I swear he's just like a husband, no offense to anyone who takes offense to stereotypes because this is a compliment) so I didn't even bother to look at prices. While I'm extremely jealous and will totally hate you forever and ever, I really hope you go! I think it'll be an amazing experience and totally worth it.
I know many people will think this is stupid, but if I were going to drop any type of serious money on a concert, this would be the one along with the TSO that comes around every Christmas / holiday season.


@kllangellier: Yeah I thought it was stupid to want to go to a video game music symphony...

Until I heard this -

It's amazing how that music can make you feel. I am jealous of anyone that gets to hear one of these symphonies. Yes, I was a WoW junkie, and have since moved on. But, the feeling of awe and excitement that piece of music first inspired was totally captured by the symphony. Truly fantastic.