questionsdo you get telemarketing calls on your cell phone?


A lot of the telemarketing schemes nowadays use autodialers. Odds are, they used that dialer to guess your number... and just about all the numbers with your area code that day. Just tell them to stop calling and continue to document if/when they call again. If you continue to get harrassed, report it with your detailed information.


There is a national do not call list, which includes cell phones, if you're in the US:

This won't stop unscrupulous telemarketers from calling, though, so the next layer of protection is Mr. Number for Android (assuming you have an android phone, though I'm sure that there must be an Apple equivalent).

I have not yet taken a call from a telemarketer. I hope I've not jinxed myself with this pronouncement...


I got 2 today -.- though it was my first all month. They were area code 217 and 702. actually here is the whole number (217) 909-4849 (I supposedly won a Walmart gift card which I never entered for). Other one no one ever spoke on so might of just been a miss dial I won't give that one out.


telemarketing text messages - I got one on mortgages last week. Haven't received a voice call yet.


I was and couldn't figure out how since NO one except my family has my cell number. I am weird that way (and because if I'm not fond of being so easily tracked down by everyone in my life). I asked a question like this not too long ago:

Last week "Tom" called me again, and being bored and up for some fun I made some rather oddly suggestive remarks that should have given anyone pause. The responses that came in return made it finally click in my thick head. This was one of the best computer generated response bots I had ever run across. The pitch and tone of response I had during the botversation was amazing. Hope it calls again, because I need to experience goofing with the telemarketers.


I've been getting scam "you won a free two day cruise!" calls on my cell phone lately. I recognize their number now and just simply don't answer.


Yes. I have been getting spam phone calls from out of state, every time from a different number/state. I never answer unknown numbers; if they know me and it's important, they will leave a message, and none of the callers leave a message.
Every unrecognized number I Google. I find countless results of these exact same numbers with people having the same experiences.

I suppose the national Do Not Call list doesn't apply to these folks.

If you have Sprint, you can sign up for Google Voice, which is free. Google and Sprint have some deal going on right now that lets you use your Sprint number as the GV number, so basically you're adding some extra features to your Sprint phone at no extra charge. You can block the phone numbers through GV, though in my case every time the number is different, so that may not help.


I've got all our cells and the house phone on the Do Not Call list. Doesn't seem to help the house much but otherwise no problems on the cells. I think I've gotten 1 telemarketer on my cell since I got the number 3 years ago.


I've been getting them more and more often, it's very annoying. I usually don't answer unless I know the number now.


My work phone gets texts all the time. And my personal phone just started getting these calls. I hadn't had problems previously, so it's kind of annoying to always think I'm getting a real call, since it's my cell phone and all...


No telemarketers calling, but I do get the occasional spam text. I also have the Spanish DirecTV bill collection people calling me every few months. I wish people would catch up on their bills before ditching their phone number.


@drjing is there anyway to get eliminated from the do not call list? When I first got my cell phone last July I immediately called the number for the do not call list. In recent months I have received many calls from telemarketers.


Weird, I added my personal phone onto the Do-Not-Call registry and actually stopped receiving the phone calls. I'm very surprised. I guess I'd recommend giving it a go if you haven't already.