questionswhat bread maker should i get?


I have a bread maker (Breadman)with a gluten-free setting, but I rarely use it. Most GF recipes and boxed/bagged mixes are designed to be used in a regular bread maker, so essentially ANY bread maker is fine as long as you make sure it is thoroughly cleaned (NO bread crumbs or drips anywhere) after making regular bread. Since GF breads do not need to rise twice, I find it easier to just mix it with a hand mixer, let it rise, then pop it into the oven.

Gluten Free Recipes

Note when making GF breads: they are very moisture-sensitive, so the wet ingredients must be measured exactly. GF mixes also like to crawl up the mixer blades and do unmentionable things to the insides of your mixer.

Most of the time, I just buy pre-made breads/bakery goods and freeze them until I need them. Canyon Bakehouse is one of my favorites, because their muffins are great and they have free shipping.


I vote for a stand mixer instead. Let it do the work and bake the bread in the oven. You'll get better quality that way. Plus, you can do lots of other things with the stand mixer while a bread machine is pretty much just a bread machine.


Here's some helpful detail from when I asked this question, quite a while ago.

{My favorite thing about a good breadmaker is that it doesn't heat up the kitchen in the summer.}


Don't bother, you will only ever use it a few times.


My GF's entire family has Celiac disease and all of them own a VitaMixer to make their gluten free bread dough, various shakes, soups and ice cream. Her aunt with 4 kids just got a 2nd one to add, not replace, the existing one because it is that useful to their daily life. Get it from Costco and if you don't like it, use their no questions asked return policy.

She said you can't beat the quick clean up and it's versatility. With the one machine it has replaced her food processor, traditional blender, bread maker (minus the baking), and ice cream machine.


Ah, memories... a breadmaker was my very first Woot purchase, nearly six years ago:


@mellielou: Do you work for VitaMixer? That sounds like an infomercial. ;)


Thanks for the answers, everyone. With our kitchen upstairs and temps reaching for the 70's by 6am, making bread in the oven in summer isn't going to happen for the sake of both comfort and our energy bill. At least now I have a few options for starting points in my bread maker search!