questionscan someone recommend a good cordless stickā€¦


I Oh! Vacuum! Sorry, I was thinking of something else. Can't help w/the vacuum.


@durkzilla: Why not save your money, and just get a carpet sweeper? I still have one that's at least 50 or 60 years old (it was my mother's, originally), and it works great on anything except that ugly shag carpeting so popular in the seventies.

Amazon has a ton of them:


When I have a dusty stick, I just wipe it off with a rag.


Although I haven't tried the one you reference, I have gone through about 6-7 of them and finally gave up. Now that they are making them with L-ion batteries I may try again, but the battery lifespan on the other ones just stinks, due to memory effect. If you get this, let me know later how it is lasting.