questionsyou mad about the slight boc exchange…


Sorry about both the accident and your loss. Those both take precidence over putting togethter the BoC exchange. I have no problem with you delaying further if you can't get it organized this weekend.


No apologies needed. Mad? Hardly!


No worries, friend. Hope things settle down for you soon. Sending good karma your way!


Just take care of yourself and your family.


Nope! Take as long as you need. All good wishes and prayers to you. My crap will be ready and waiting whenever.


My crap ain't going nowhere. Not a rush! Keeping you in my prayers.


Definitely not upset & no need to feel rushed. I'm sure your family both needs you and is worried about you. We'll keep you & your family in our thoughts.


Sorry to hear. I'm in firm agreement with everyone else: deal with the important stuff, we'll all still be here.


Please take as much time as you need. I've been having a hellish time but nothing like what you have been dealing with. I hope things get better for you soon -- for what its worth, I'll be sending positive thoughts your way.

For me, the anticipation is half the fun, anyway.

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Zero worries, man. You are doing this for us. . . whenever you get to it. Sorry to hear you had a rough week.


Please take your time and tend to what is truly necessary. The community that loves and supports ya will always be waiting for you when you return! Wishing you the best!


Not mad at all. Maybe a little worried something was wrong with you...sadly it appears to be the case.

Feel better from the accident, and sorry for your loss. Take as long as you crap will not only be here waiting, but I may get more to stuff in the boxes by then!

I'm just hoping you figured out my confusing e-mails, lol!


I am not participating this round but will add my good thoughts in your direction. Take care of the important stuff.


No problem. Take care of yourself and your family first. Best wishes!


So sorry to hear about the tough times you're going through. Glad you're recovering from the accident. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.
No worries about the BOC exchange. Do what you need to do. Take care of yourself and your family. We'll be here when you get a chance to get the emails out.


@snooty2toes: thanks for putting me on to this - so sorry to hear of anyone's troubles!! Get well, good positive thoughts to you and your loved ones, studerc.


Luckily my crap is the determined sort of crap with an unlimited shelf life. Once your stuff is straightened out it'll still be waiting so no hurries.

Hope things get better for you. <3


@purplefeather: mine too - it's like twinkies during the apocalypse - still good!


I still never got anything :-( Were the names sent out yet?


@senordunda: If they were, I missed it as well. I don't things have gotten started again yet.