questionshey, the phone number 1-555-867-5309 is not a…


Would you like fries with that?


@captainsuperdawg: @bluesqueen: Sorry, but that was an inside joke of sorts. You must search for the doormat somewhere else. Google images works really well as does . Good luck!


Did Jenny change her number?


@bill7718: I added an area code to make it more realistic. I have sadz now. :(


@jsimsace: Why the sadz? It worked. hehehe




@Bluesqueen: Obviously, you didn't read all the comments from your last question.

1. The deal for which you are trying to order is no longer valid. It is expired. Not valid. Kaput. Deader than Jacob Marley. You are out of luck for that vendor.

2. DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING. THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH A TELEPHONE NUMBER only LISTS deals from other places on the web. You click on the deal and you are taken directly to that particular seller's web site.

3. Shop at your own risk. Do your due diligence.

And 4. You are asking your questions on a VERY PUBLIC forum where anyone and everyone may read them. Just like a bulletin board at the grocery store. This is why the answers are running the gamut of goofiness.

Meanwhile, I did a quick google search that others suggested (it was easy!). Try here for your mat:


Why are you people posting my phone number on the Internet???!!! >:-[


@reginafilangee: Regina, you are not Jenny. We have discussed this before........have you gone off your meds? As a trained internet therapist, I recommend you take a few days off and watch reruns on TV. Perhaps that 'friendly' show with Lisa Kudrow..........


@xavoc: Oh [swoon] I didn't realize Gina Bellman was in that series!


It worked for me. Jenny says hi and to keep calling back. Don't give up eventually she will answer.