questionshas anyone been banned from deals yet?


If so, how could they answer?


@morriea: With another account. If they had one. I mean, some people do, right? Really really bad people?


@jsimsace: You didn't bring up this topic again, did you? Don't we already know they don't ban people with multiple accounts? #1, #2, #3 tonight.... a proud moment!


@jsimsace: Yes, if I got banned I would come in and say farewell.
But I made a mistake, I self tagged chat and now this question will not go popular. I would imagine a banned person would not check back daily.
We are missing some established members I was wondering if they lost interest or was banned.


@caffeine_dude: I don't think anyone has been banned. Everyone who "faught the good fight" seem to still be around.


@caffeine_dude: IMHO the "ban" was simply a threat. Unfortunately it seems to have caused many users to abandon ship. Others just don't check in as often thinking that there will be nothing to see here anymore....and that's not too far from the truth. :(


Well, @caffeine_dude, my friend, I haven't yet, but there's still time. I've been thinking lately about posting deals on things that I like (and would most likely only get pity votes up, if that). I've spent time lately in voting comments up (when they make me laugh, or when they're helpful).

My latest project has been an increasing fascination with the group of Amazon Storefront posters that have probably always been around, but were previously hidden in the noise of other, more interesting things. There's a raft of them, and they often have only a single product in their store (and it's often the dollar store sort of product, at that). It interests me to follow this, and (as you probably know) I usually avoid asking questions. If I ever get to a point in this where it seems like I have useful conclusions, I may post a question, with multiple comments (character limits, you know).

I'm betting that will do the trick. In fact, this comment may be impermanent.


@shrdlu: I thought of a comment made by TT lately that this is a 'trial change' and 'changing the change takes time' <-not exact quote.

I am thinking if the 'trial' is a decided mistake and they will pull back changes, I will continue to post interesting (to me) question that I want, and not get banned?

Or is calling this a 'trial change' to keep us long time wooter/deals users around long enough to see a new set move in. I then continue to post interesting (to me) question that I want, and get banned? After all how long would it take to reword a FAQ?

So then I thought hey, I bet someone else has tested this.... and then I asked this 'FAQ approved' question about deals.woot, that is actually interesting (to me).

As for @morriea: 's comment "If so, how could they answer?" my answer is 'I wish this was my first day using the internet too!'
@morriea: Thank you for that I truly giggled when I read it.

@merrill64: You should start using @merrill1: again or change to @merrill65: : / .


@caffeine_dude: Huh? I'm merrill64... it's work related. I've never even seen the merrill1 profile used on here.

Edit: From what I can tell, it was never used.

I just saw your response... I sure could create merrill65, 66, 67, etc. :-)

Multiple profiles are too much work and I don't understand the need for them anyway; unless, you're trying to stay on top of the leaderboard. Until they pay me to stay on top, I don't care. It's a gaming process anyway. And by the way, look at the top 3 right now! Guess who?


@merrill64: Sock puppet joke suggesting you have been @merrill1: @merrill2: @merrill3:..... @merrill64: and soon @merrill65:
Not even a little serious! Just ribbing @morriea: for the comment above, that I took as a joke, your name just got in the way, in no way did I intend any malice.

Socks need totally different names, harder to track. If I had a sock it would not be @caffeine_dude1: because it is @caffeine_dude01: : / that way no one can track it back to me!


If bigray can still show up to every Papa Johns deal and ruin all civilized discussion, I don't think anyone will be banned.


There was threat of a ban? Link please?


@curli76: Right here:

To quote, precisely, from it.

{What kinds of questions should I ask?}

{Anything deal-related is fair game. Wondering how to shop for a certain item? Looking for a great deal on Widget X? Your fellow Wooters probably know the answer. Non-deal related questions will be deleted. If that happens, take a hint and knock it off: persistent pests will get banned from the site.}

{I'm such a geek. I just posted the 13th comment, and it's not only Friday the 13th, it's 9/13/13. Happy me!!!}


so um... not yet, but there is still time.

It's not like I do much here anymore anyway


@shrdlu: I've been tracking them, too, and an interesting process it is.


Maybe as punishment someone was banished to some far corner of know, dead deals or something where they are the only ones that see what they post.


@capguncowboy: You're here ! That is a lot these days ;-)


I had every intention of trying to get banned but I was too lazy and/or worn out on all the woot lameness. If a few people want to PM me on the other side stuff to post so that one person could test the boundaries, I'll be happy to be a guinea pig. It won't happen though without content falling into my lap. I'm not willing to post anything lewd, vulgar, demeaning, or profane.


No need to ban anyone when "self-deportation" (nod to my former guv!) has been working so well.


@ginawoot: so all the cool kids self-deported? I'm always left wondering....


Not banned, but I'm leaving. I never thought I'd be one of those people to write a "goodbye" message declaring my departure from a message board, but here it is. I posted what I thought was a good deal this morning (Amazon's most current list of $5 MP3 albums) and it was killed within minutes even though I couldn't find a matching deal.

This isn't fun anymore nor is it useful. I appreciate the great convos I've had with some of you via the questions and, if you can figure out who I am, welcome you to add me on Facebook if you please.

See ya.


At least pop in once in a while to downvote all the sponsored deals. 'Bout all I do anymore...


They don't really need to ban. They just quietly delete questions instead.

I think that most don't even notice they're gone, but I do.



@shrdlu: My comment was deleted. But basicly I;
Wished @curli76: a good bye, asked he he was going to a different startup that shall not be mentioned But I mentioned it so it was deleted (I assume).
Mentioned I was not visiting deals so much any more either.
Mentioned questions are boring.

@f00l: Not all the cool kids ahem ----->>>> @shrdlu:


@caffeine_dude: Saw your post. Didn't know about that site till you told me. Heck YEAH I'll be there.

Also, I'm not a he. I'm somewhere between a she and an it.


@caffeine_dude: thx.

Since a number of the usual gang's uids were still up for grabs at the other site...wondered. if u are referring to a site mentioned recently in a deleted question.


raises hand
Lost interest + life got busy will ill, elderly parental units.
Popped in for a bit; sad to see the current state of this community. It used to be such fun. :-(