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It doesn't matter because the way corporate mergers are going, we'll all be using the Windows-compatible Apple Playstation DS Chromebook within 5 years.


@woothulu: You at blackhat? You planning on attending defcon? I understand the expected attendance this year is 15k. Yep, that's what I said. Most of them were standing in line to get badges at registration this morning. I wouldn't want to be a Goon right now for any money.

Yeah, I'm here, because I have not one lick of sense. Not staying at the Rio, thank goodness. May show up at the talk about high speed trading. Other than that, I'm invisible.


Ah, crap. Spelled your name wrong. No notification for you on my comment.

@woothulhu: I'm still trying to understand what pushed this question to Popular, when it only had four votes, and two comments. Weird.


In my opinion, not this generation, but there's always a possibility next gen.

In fact, I'm hoping they need to jack down the prices so I can get one cheap!


@shrdlu: It's because i'm a likeable guy, and therefore I get extra consideration for my quesitons.

Actually, i have no idea.

Alas, I'm at the office, but several from my division are there on the company dime. Next year i'll be signing up earlier. I don't think we attend DEF CON as a company, and if they ain't payin, I ain't goin.


Whether you like or hate Sony, best to pray that they recover completely. If Gates gets the total market, Xbox consoles will skyrocket to $1500 and Live will be $60 per month, not per year. Competition is great for me; it's what allows me to have 3 or more of each major console in my home! Fanboyism isn't for those who value both logic and their wallet.


i've always avoided sony products, especially TV's. alot of their older models used the same parts as other companies, but they charged more because of their name. i dont know much about their new tv's but for a long time they've been coasting on the reputation they built for themselves in the 80's and 90's. but to answer your question, before the breach, i had an xbox and a ps3, but usually got games for the ps3 since online play was free. but since the breach, i only use my ps3 for games that aren't available on xobx. i also broke down and bought one of hte newer slim xbox's for hte wifi. they never had much of my business, but the little they did have they've almost completely lost. not just due to the breach, but i was pretty unhappy with how they treated geohotz. he wasn't doing any damage, just showing people how to modify equipment thy paid for and owned. screw sony.


@spyder69696969: i dunno. its only a matter of time before apple and google get into the gaming market. plus i've heard rumors that nintendo is gonna eventually offer a real gaming system as opposed to the lame gimmick known as the Wii (let the flaming begin for that last comment, but lets be honest, how many of you still love and play the Wii as much as you did when you first got it).


Just wait for the PS4, young kids could care less about what happened.

I don't really ever play video games anymore, but if Samsung made a system I'd buy it.

And I'm telling you, Woot mods just select which question go popular. It's obvious.


@ndcouch: Apple worries me and i'm sure they worry Sony. Wonder why they haven't turned their attetion that way already...

And Nintendo has been dangling that carrot for awhile, or maybe it's just the fans clamoring for them to grow up a little.

@iggz: They're gonna have to do some amazing things to steal the converted back


@woothulhu: I disagree, who are "the" converted?


@iggz: How can you disagree if you don't even know what i'm talking about? The people who dropped their PS3 and bought an XBOX or WII.


@woothulhu: i'm actually thinking that google will break into the console game before Apple. of course if apple does get into the console business, you'll probably have to buy a special adapter because they will refuse to use HDMI or something stupid. that was a joke but the more i use apple products the less funny it gets. they are insane with their proprietary BS. and you're right about the nintendo carrot. they'd be smart to start appealing to adults though. they are missing a big chunk of the market (dorks like me who are nearing 30 but still love video games)

and i agree, sony will have to do something pretty amazing with the ps4 to get me to pay for it. at this point i'm just kind of disgusted with the company in general.


@iggz: people like me. people who have both but have dropped the ps3 entirely because of all this BS. it will take a lot to get me to buy a ps3 game at this point (like i said, the only time i will buy a ps3 game now is if its something i really want, that isn't on the xbox). Dust 514 is a perfect example of that. but other than that, sony wont get any more of my cash.


@woothulhu: By disagreeing with you. I don't think as many people have 'converted' as you think. Especially young kids who make up most the sales who don't give a __ about what happened. Yeah the oldtimers who still play video games might not buy Sony anymore, but I don't think Sony really cares about them.

People dropped PS3 to buy a Wii? hahahaha


@iggz: i have noticed that most young folks dont give two shakes about the breach. i have a feeling its because they have no idea what its like to deal with stuff like that when you're no longer living at home. i dont mean to sound condescending by saying that, but my whole perspective on life changed when i started having to be a grown up. stuff like your credit getting ruined and be devastating when your older, but doesn't mean crap when you're a kid. they may not care now, but they will one day


@ndcouch: I hate Sony and don't live at home and have amazing credit, but yeah, I agree.