questionswhich new season of these tv series excites you…



Dragons, swords, and gratuitous sex

What more could I ask from a TV show?


@ryanwb: But Doctor Who has DINOSAURS......ON A SPACESHIP!


Whoa, my buddy just e-mailed this to me.

Somebody either ripped off my words nearly minutes after I posted it or they feel the same way about the show that I do


Definitely Game of Thrones. Doctor Who has always been a bit too precious for me. I loved the old Torchwood series, though.


Love both. But GOT fer sher. Am working thru DOD now. Years ago was afraid GRRM would not live to finish this, but I spoze HBO helps motivate one past writer's block. Or perhaps he can see the end of the task drawing closer... Happy TV times both ways.

(Tho the Doctor has gone over-clever ... a bit like Sherlock. Am hoping for a new show runner and a new “flavor" in a season or three.)


@ecriscit: Game of Who?

Sounds like a fun party game. I shall have to invent it.


Doctor Who. Never really got into GOT (heh, never noticed that)--didn't try either, it just didn't appeal to me.

Speaking of Who, BBC America is having a fairly awesome marathon week. A Torchwood run starts Tuesday night (19 hours), and goes into 22 hours of Battlestar Galactica (starting Wednesday night), which goes into 34 hours Doctor Who (starts Thursday night and goes clear until new episodes debut Saturday evening).
There are breaks for news and a couple of movies are thrown in, but there's still way more good tv than can be watched healthily or unhealthily.

From a glimpse it looks like it starts with the beginning of the 11th doctor (his first episode, not the transfer, though they replayed End of Time last night) and ends with the most recent episodes. I'm not sure they're showing all of the current doctor, but a quick scan shows they've got the most important stuff.


I like old fashioned science fiction but this is not even close: Game of Thrones. Lots of gratuitous sex and violence FTW.


GOT (though my wife likes both). This season will be roughly the first half of the most exciting/consequential book in the series.

No spoilers, but the trajectory of the whole narrative (and many individual key characters' stories) takes a very sharp turn.


Doctor Who! I haven't watched GOT. I'll eventually watch it on Netflix.


Doctor Who! Doctor Who! Doctor Who!
In fairness, I have yet to see Game of Thrones, and I spend most of my waking hours thinking about Doctor Who... Did I just say that out loud?... No, no I didn't.