questionswhy do people keep posting these lingerie and…


Did you tell her to mind her own business? These items are sold because there is a market for them - people buy them believe it or not and don't just drool or scowl over the little thumbnail picture.


ocheri only posts pics within woot's guidelines which requires all "sensitive" parts to be covered, unlike other lingerie vendors. She also posts great deals. I do not understand why, every single time, this issue is addressed here, it is her company called out, instead of the proliferation of other vendors. As many have stated, when this question is asked ad infinitum, you see much more skin on any beach in America.

What kind of superhuman eyesight does this woman have? I have trouble making out the image on my 22" monitor, let alone on a tablet. Or was there some sort of visible evidence of your interest, that may have alerted her?

As a happily married woman, I enjoy picking up a lacy item here and there. I feel bad for anyone who doesn't get the chance to enjoy that with a loved one, but I am not switching to a burka, or a caftan, just because others aren't well adjusted.

Likewise, when I see a deal, that doesn't interest me, I simply scroll past it.


Heaven forbid she finds out about that Adam and Eve place.


Your co-worker is clearly confused about what constitutes "porn". We sell clothing, WOOT would not allow people to post porn.

Instead of worrying about Miss Nosy you should instead be grateful you are employed by a company that allows you to shop on the Internet while you're being paid to work :-)


Personally, I find your story hard to believe and think you're full of crap. But that is just me...


No personal attacks please.


I think that woman has the hots for you. Correct spelling is ohcheri, BTW. Thank goodness your employer hasn't caught you surfing on company time. We ♥ @ohcheri here because she is an outstanding citizen in this community, and posts good deals according to DW rules. What else do you want? Try using the advanced can filter out the stuff that you don't want to see.


@ohcheri: I don't spend my time at work shopping but occasionally I need a brain break and may check or etc... I am salaried and spend more than 50 hours at work per week and many more hours at home being on call and being called for work issues and have to dial in a fix things so the 5 minutes a I may spend online is well made up for. I guess there a different categories people consider DEALS and your products don't classify as that to me IMO.


@jocallag339: I feel the same way about tech deals. I don't buy DVDs, thumb drives, monitors, computers, stereo equipment, gaming equipment or 99.9% of any of the stuff I see on this site. But I don't feel obligated to tell the people posting their deals that I don't think their deals are valid. A deal is in the eye of the beholder.

If you shopped for lingerie you would know the deals I post are great prices. I've been posting deals on this site for over 2 years and have a fabulous group of loyal customers and I will be posting a new deal here every day. If it bothers you that much you should try going to the Advanced Search tab and just look for the deals that interest you.


@jocallag339: If you're uncomfortable with someone standing close enough to you to see a 1/2" image of a clothed woman, it's probably best that you not browse the site while at work. Frankly, I'm with @tarasadies on the likelihood of your anecdote being true, but [shrug] it doesn't really matter much whether it's true or not. When I cruise news sites while on lunch break at work, I avoid any links to stories that might raise a co-worker's eyebrows or cause my IT and/or HR departments to question my browsing habits, even though those stories are on legitimate news sites such as CNN.

The reality of the site is that lingerie deals are legitimate and welcome here. @ocheri is a legitimate and welcomed participant, not only as a vendor but as a community member whose contributions help make the place more enjoyable.

Really, with all due respect, if you or your co-workers have such narrowly defined standards for porn that lingerie ads cross them, browse the site only from home.


@jocallag339: you could post more tech deals if you wanted and upvote all tech deals you think are a good deal.


1. becuase it is allowed within guidelines
2. it sounds like you work at Rick Santorum's office
3. this whole post/thread is a little suspicious to me
4. in honor of your question, I am going to find some more lingerie deals to post


@mkentosh: Wow how did you know I have a closet full of sweater vests. Amazing what kind of response a simple question will get. I guess I should have asked the question without pointing fingers @ohcheri spelled correctly this time.


@ohcheri: glad to see you, as usual, take the high road. We love having you around. As said by the great poets:

Haters gonna hate ;)


@tarasadies: I kind of find it hard to believe also. The thumbnails are so small (at least at the monitor resolution I use) you can barely make them out on a desktop, much less a tablet. Unless the coworker was sitting on your lap, I have a hard time believing the story. Unless you clicked on the deal, and that's a whole 'nother story.


@jocallag339: I can sympathize with your situation at work. You do have to be very careful about what is seen on your computer.

You can use Advanced Search and bookmark that link to avoid the lingerie deals. I've gotten you started here:

This removes anything tagged lingerie, sexy, and costume (just to be safe). It's sorted by most recent and doesn't show expired deals. The only thing you'll notice is that deals won't collapse if someone enters multiple deals for the same site.

I'm not going to guarantee that it will catch everything but it should catch most of it.


The rest of you.... >:(

It was a serious question and I can see the OP's point. There are a lot of people out there ready to throw an HR harassment hammer and having lingerie on your monitor can make others around you uncomfortable. It's not that hard to see the thumbnails from a few feet away which would be typical for a training room, computer lab, or even office cubicles.

@jocallag339: Don't let these meanie-poopie heads scare you away. (((hugs)))


@thunderthighs: I've tested this on a desktop, a 10" tablet, and a 7" tablet. Looking over the shoulder of the computer user, all I can ascertain for sure in the thumbnails is that there appears to be a female figure wearing what could well be a bathing suit. I'm still of the opinion that if that's problematical to the poster, it's best to avoid the site if co-workers may wander into close proximity.

Regardless of who sees what, however, I think most of us here are quite weary of morality questions posed as business-related concerns. Nothing here is porn.


@thunderthighs: if this is something that many (or a significant minority of) users are concerned about, why not offer a "safe viewing" mode in account settings? Although I do agree with @magic cave about the size of the thumbnails; I see more skin in the groupon emails than here, never mind the banner ads on CNN...


@magic cave: Swim suit or not, it can be seen as inappropriate viewing at work and some might be concerned about it. I'm just trying to point out the the view from the other side. I can tell you that on my 23" dual monitors I had at my (no longer) day job for a school district, I sure as heck didn't visit Deals for just that reason.

@okham: That's a good idea but one that is above my pay grade. I think you know who you have to invoke. =P


@jumbowoot: Why not offer a "safe viewing" mode in account settings? Is this something that could be put into place?

Also, while the techie types are working on that, could they fix the voting issues with iDevices? That still doesn't work..

And lastly, thanks for the coupon 8^D I know I'm throwing a lot at you, but figured I'd cover it all in one.


@thunderthighs: Done!

And consider me appropriately chastened for not taking the OP's feelings into account. At least until the next time... : )


@ohcheri: Right on. 5% off something I need right this second is a deal. 75% off something I don't want or need is not. I'm not interested in 99% of what's advertised here, but that 1% is well worth my time scrolling past the rest.


@thunderthighs: "I can sympathize with your situation at work. You do have to be very careful about what is seen on your computer."
Hey Don't you work from home!?!
Just in case, that was a joke.


@thunderthighs: Perhaps my comment wasn't as clear as I thought it was. This was the salient point:

"I'm still of the opinion that if that's problematical to the poster, it's best to avoid the site if co-workers may wander into close proximity."

I was agreeing with you.


This is a deal site. Not a "tech deal" site, or a "DVD deal" site. Deals. Of all sorts.

But, I agree with someone else. This post seems a bit contrived. But, trolls need to be fed, too.