questionsdoes anyone have any experience with ashley brand…


I had a bed splinter apart after 18 mos. Too bad it's guaranteed for only 12 mos. Too bad for me. I spent a couple thousand for the entire set so now what do I do?


Bought a Durablend sofa and recliner in Dec 2010. Single, no children or pets and worked out of state 2/3 of that time. Within 3 yrs, started cracking. Ashley store manager stated known problem with that line. Paid 2000.00 for set. Furniture protection plan will not cover. Ashley Homestore and corporate office will not make right. Haverty's has a furniture protection policy that covers cracking, flaking and seam separation. I wouldn't ever buy from Ashley again. Wish I would have checked co consumer affairs website before purchased and bought the set I had looked at in Haverty's.


After all of the discussion I mentioned it to DH. For many years he was a rep for carpet mills and called on architects and interior designers (which is how we were able to buy some high-end stuff wholesale). I had forgotten this tip he got when we bought the Ashley stuff.

According to the designers he asked, Ashley carries both good stuff and lower quality stuff. We were told that we would be fine buying for them as long as we were careful to check the quality of what we were buying. I guess that applies to most places, and it explains the mixed reviews you've received. As I said, we've had our furniture since 2000 with no problems, despite hard living and multiple pets. Here is a pic of the sofa and coffee table. Actually, we also got that painting from Ashley, too. (And, BTW, this is the only clean spot in my house.)


I appreciate everyone's answers and comments. Seems like we have some mixed reviews. Also, I guess I should clarify that I was not shopping at the Ashley Homestore, I was at a local independent furniture store, that mostly stocks and sells Ashley branded furniture. Thanks for all your input. I'm still thinking it over. I guess I just have to be aware that if I buy it, it might not be built to last.


From Ashley we have a recliner (3 years old), a bedroom set (2 1/2 years old), and a sectional (maybe 6 months old). I have been happy with everything I've bought there, but I guess we do tend to buy on the higher end of price and presumably, quality. I would bet the cheaper stuff is cheaper quality. I have a friend with two Ashley sofas who complains about them constantly, but they were the cheapest things available when he bought them. I think he even got one of them used.

One thing I really like about Ashley, at least our local store, is that they always seem willing to do you a deal, even above their current authorized deals. And when they deliver, they deliver at the time they say and they set it up for you however you want it.


When I lived at home, my dad was an efficiency expert, we moved every year, all over the country, from job to job. (One year contracts or less) 16 homes in 14 years. yes, some people move a lot.

I just got back from a trip to High Point, NC. Bought furniture, American made, solid wood, at great prices. We looked at the chain stores, Ashley among them, and decided it would be worth the trip. It was. This is not a recommendation if you are looking for just one room, or a few pieces. If you are looking to fill a new home, or upgrade to top quality, that is the way to go.


@magic cave: Well, we've hijacked the Ashley furniture discussion, but I might have to challenge you on the world's worst unpacker discussion. Before I allow myself to do any of the fun projects I want to do in retirement, I am forcing myself to unpack the 40+ boxes of stuff I brought home from my office. And before I do that I have to clear out the boxes of stuff we never unpacked from our bedroom remodel last year. And I have no place to put that stuff because I never finished unpacking from our move to this house nearly 13 years ago.



@belyndag: Not TMI at all -- I was seriously impressed! I did six elementary schools in six years as my career-navy dad was transferred or we moved from base housing to private places, but I was fortunate enough that he retired between my sixth and seventh grade years, so I stayed in one high school throughout. As an adult I've made 10 moves since 1967; as the world's worst unpacker, I hope to have no more than two or three moves left in this lifetime.


@wilfbrim: I wonder if they have different manufacturers. Our leather sofa is covered in leather that appears to be thick. We bought it in 2000 and it has survived three dogs and a parade of cats, as well as two teens and their friends. Maybe we got lucky, but I'm really surprised at all of the negative comments. We've never had a single problem with our Ashley furniture.


I'm sitting on one now. I had an Ashley sectional set (leather, but thin leather) that lasted 7 years (with dogs), but it was pretty beat down at the end of those years.

I wouldn't buy their leather again, but this microfiber seems to be holding up very well. This type of furniture isn't expected to last 20 years. If you are thinking about it, expect it will last maybe 5-10. If you OK with that, go ahead. If not, then buy something else.


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Would I buy them again? I dunno... probably not, now that I know what's underneath the cushions - I could imagine these lasting 5 or 6 years maybe. I'm sad now that we threw out our old (10+ years old sofa) instead of re-upholstering it. That one was solid...


The wife and I bought two sofa's from Ashley just over a year ago. Very similar to these :

We paid, I think $800 ish for the two of them in some sort of sale.

I was irritated by a wierd 'depressable bump' in one of the arms. They ended up having a guy round to fix it, who said that 'this happens on about 30%' of their sofas. It's actually just a peice of cardboard wrapped around the wooden frame making up the arm - it didn't get stapled properly and bends when you press against it.

He took the back off the sofa, stripped the arm down and essentially stuffed it with some padding, placed two cardboard bits in over it and stapled the whole thing down again.

Two of the legs don't screw on right - not all that big of a deal. But overall I'd give these sofas 6/10. The frame is made of very thin wood.


@belyndag: Good grief, woman! I think you managed to hit every possible reason for moving!


@thedogma: I went to 16 schools growing up. We weren't military, but my dad worked for a pipeline company. We moved 5 times while I was in kindergarten, then I just dropped out. (LOL! Kindergarten dropout!). We settled down for a few years and let him travel while the rest of us stayed in one place during the school year, and only traveled with him during the summers. Then we went through a few years of attending a couple of schools each year. I attended one school in the 8th grade for only two weeks.

I learned to make friends, but I didn't learn to keep them.

Since graduating from high school I have stayed in the same town. Enough was enough. While apartment living after college and during my newlywed years I changed apartments once per year, moving to nicer places as I/we could afford it. Once we bought a house we stayed put for 17 years before moving to a larger one. We've been in this one for 13 years now and DH wants to downsize.

My moves bring up the national average!!


@thedogma: I moved for the Air Force, 3-5 years, for nearly 29 years.


In Central Florida there was a consumer report on the news about them delivering damaged and poorly made furniture and not delivering what customers had paid for; that was a few years ago. From talking with others, I hear not much has changed... So with that said Haverty's furniture has been top quality at a good price. They take great care in delivery, just my experience, YMMV.


@thedogma: A century or two ago, back in the days when this sort of thing was actually sent snail mail, I wrote and published a newsletter with about 13,000 subscribers in my state. The accepted statistic by mailing-list companies at that time was that 20% of Americans moved every year; the change-of-address notices I received from the USPS pretty well fit that figure.

It sounds huge, but it also includes students who change apartments from year to year, young adults who move out of their parental homes into their own places, military folks who are transferred, people who buy a first home, empty-nesters who downsize, and those who just find a better deal on an apartment and move each year.


@havocsback: People move every three years? That's madness. I could see that for students, but for everyone else? Damn.


I've had my Ashley furniture for the last 2 years, bed frame, Dresser, dining Table and Chairs, coffee table, and 2 end tables. Needless to say I've had mixed results with it. The bedroom set is great and very sturdy, whereas the others not so much. Dining table, coffee table, and 2 end tables are wobbly as hell and can't tighten the screws anymore. The chairs I've had to get wood glue and re-screw the padding back to the frames.Overall I'd give the quality a 6/10, above average.


OP, thanks for posting this question! I bought an Ashley couch from Wayfair a few weeks ago that's being delivered on Tuesday, so I'm glad to see some positive reviews. Bought another couch 4 or 5 months ago that is so uncomfortable I couldn't stand to sit on it.



We also bought several lamps, decorative pillows and a huge painting to fill an awkward space, as we as just some decorative items that they agreed to toss in at no charge. I guess, to use casino parlance, we were Ashley Whales.

As I said, we have now been living (and living HARD with a number of dogs, cats, birds, teens, etc.) on our Ashley furniture and it looks almost like new. No springs have sprung, no cushions have squashed, no cabinet doors are off hinge, etc. We are very pleased with our choices and are looking back at Ashley as we remodel our bonus room.

The first big furniture purchase we made back in 1984 (yes, I'm that old) was of very expensive furniture from a better known American manufacturer. We were able to buy it wholesale through DH's job at that time. Lovely stuff, and very well made, but some of it is not right for this house. We've kept those pieces, but they are in bedrooms. We have both high end and Ashley furniture. Happy with both. Go for it!


My son and his wife bought living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture at Ashley about five years ago and are quite happy with it. The two upholstered pieces seem to be solidly built and are firm but squishily comfortable. The dining room items are sturdy with legs that don't wobble and haven't needed any adjusting, and the case goods appear well made. They've been happy with the king-size mattress they bought and the rest of the bedroom furniture, bought with an eye toward storage capacity, seems to meet their needs.

My son is a demon shopper, always looking for good value (price vs. quality), and they spent quite a while looking through various stores and at different brands.


@wolfsmane: I agree completely. We bought a leather living room set in 2000 from Ashley and have never had any trouble with it. Well, except that DH miscalculated the dimensions of the sofa (he never listens to me). It fits beautifully in its space, but couldn't be manipulated around the corners to get it into the room. We actually had to remove a picture window to get it into the room! (But at least this got the nasty old window replaced. LOL!)

We took advantage of the 5 year interest free financing while we were on a roll and bought:
HUGE leather sofa
Leather recliner (I am typing from my comfy seat in this chair)
Two leather side chairs
Marble coffee table
Marble side table
Two metallic decorative chests (large and small)
Small lighted curio chest for foyer
Buffet for dining room
Huge sturdy round breakfast table with two leaves
Eight side chairs
Buffet for breakfast room
Hutch/breakfront for breakfast room
Wine cabinet



I think that Ashley is a good brand for the price, especially the mid-range furniture. We have a round kitchen table and 6 chairs that we bought 7 years ago, and love them all dearly. Sturdy, heavy, and well-made. Good stuff.


I can't disagree any more strongly with most of the comments here. We have a loveseat/couch set bought in 2001 that's been through 3 major moves that's just fine...and is sat on every day. Also have several accent tables that have been through the same moves and have done very well.

Those couches buy the way have not only been through moves but kids, dogs, etc.


We bought a couch, love seat and rocker recliner back in the end of 2004. Great price, and in MY opinion, VERY GOOD furniture !

We have absolutely NO problems with it. The couch is a sleeper sofa, and has been used many, many times, and is STILL going strong for a sleeper.

I WILL be buying Ashley Furniture again, when I need it again.

And no, you CAN'T compare 100 year old furniture to Ashley furniture, just like you can't compare the prices of modern hard wood high priced furniture to Ashley Furniture. OP is apparently NOT in the market for high dollar furniture, or would have never went into Ashley.

And, if i'm not mistaken, Ashley furniture is made somewhere around Highpoint NC with
American mystery wood, I don't know where you would get the idea of Vietnamese mystery wood.


I can't comment on Ashely, however I have LaZBoy living room furniture and I love it. I have a recliner (not the traditional kind, but a more attractive, slimmer chair) and I have an L-shaped couch. I purchased them 10 years ago and they are in almost the same condition and are extremely comfortable.

For inexpensive but decent furniture, especially for a college kid or someone just starting out I always recommend Cort Furniture Rental retail stores where they sell previously rented furniture and slightly damaged stuff for great discounts. I got an awesome couch there in college, and would still have it but couldn't fit up the stairs in my very old house now.


You say 'not very long', but consider that they know what we've all read- the magical 'average American' moves every 3 years, so one could reasonably expect to buy new furniture at the same intervals.
We've been in the same house since 1983 with a lot of 100-plus-year-old furniture.
I'm a baaaad consumer.
To be totally fair, we looked at a lot of furniture over the years, Ashley being one of the stores we went to. You just can't compare old oak and walnut with modern Vietnamese mystery wood.


There's a reason it's inexpensive. You usually get what you pay for. As long as you're not expecting it to last a long time (and really, for the price, it shouldn't last forever) you can get your money's worth.


I am currently sitting on an Ashley couch. I purchased this couch and matching chair back in October and I am happy with it. This is one of the more expensive couches they have so I do not know if there is a difference in quality between the 299 couches and the 1099 couches, but I am happy so far.


Ashley Furniture made our bedroom set and we are very happy with it.


I bought a sofa and loveseat when I was in college, the price tag is cheap so I guess I got what I paid for.

But with that said with a low price tag you can get new furniture every few years or more.


You may go right ahead and condemn the entire brand. It's not particularly well made, and you will probably have the same experience as your friend. I've never purchased this brand, but I know people who have, and their experience was the same as your friend's was.