questionscan you help me (website redirection)?


I'm not sure. Use IE instead of Firefox? I always believe in the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." theory. I understand wanting to know "why doesn't it work?", but I lack that knowledge. Sorry.


@falcondeal: hubby says he just did the update, but since it's in his history it automatically goes to the tanga site.


Okay, download HijackThis from SourceForge.
Run HijackThis. Copy the logfile that it creates.
PM me with the log file. I'll help look it over and see if anything needs to be removed.


I was having redirecting problems a few months ago. Malware bytes and AVG virus scans were turning up nothing. I finally realized that my AVG wasn't doing a FULL scan of everything even though I was clicking the full scan button. I had to go to the options section and check all the boxes for it to do a total scan of the computer and I ended up having about 30 trojans and over 70 viruses that my previous scans never found. So yeah, we had to wipe the computer and reload everything.
tldr AVG sucks.


@falcondeal: Have you tried "" (i.e. instead of just ""? For me (via wget), ""; gives a 301 (Moved permanently) to (without a trailing slash, interestingly enough).

(Ah, opposition...)


uninstall firefox and reinstall it.


It seems like either some firefox plugin is redirecting you (changing "tanga" to "xanga") or your antivirus is doing the same. I'd start by bringing up Firefox in Safe Mode (shut it down, then open Firefox using Shift/Click on the icon). You'll see a Safe Mode dialog box - press Continue.

Now does it go to if so, it's a plug-in that's being overly cautious.


Try @rhmurphy: first.

Have you checked you host file:
Learn more about it here... I would expect it to be OK if IE is fine but it super easy to check...

This is the next thing I would check
I would also look at this
I would check you local (PC's) DNS and check your router's DNS servers.

you can try google's DNS server.

What happens if you click the link
Because when I click tanga from woot I get, but it still is tanga:

what if you click here,mod=18&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=tanga++ and pick tanga what do you get?


@rhmurphy: Are we done here? I will check for 2 more days, unless I hear something.


@caffeine_dude: I dunno. I made a suggestion (firefox safe mode), but haven't heard if it helped or not. I guess it either did or the problem was fixed some other way.


@rhmurphy: Sorry I did not mean to tag you, lol that was for the OP.


@rhmurphy & @caffeine_dude: Sorry, I have been out of town and this is my first chance trying your suggestions. So with that, when running firefox in safe mode tanga goes to tanga, w/o safemode it still goes to xanga. So it must be a plugin. Any ideas which it could be? I currently run/have installed: Adblock plus, ChatZilla, Check4Change, Download Statusbar, Forecastfox, Garmin Communicator, HP Detect, InvisibleHand, Java Console 6.0.33, LastPass, ReloadEvery, Steep and Cheap Watcher, URL Fixer, WebMail Notifier, Woot Watcher Plus.


Update: Ok, it's my URL fixer add-on... now to email the dev, and see why its doing it.