questionscan you recommend a flashlight for the coming…


I have several with Cree LEDs, they are very bright. For example, this one. I sincerely hope you won't need it... be safe!


Look for one powerful enough to push the storm away. Check the internet - I'm certain someone sells them.


The Dorcy 41-2510 is my personal favorite. It's cheap, extremely bright, waterproof and clips to your belt loop. I've had mine since last year and I haven't even changed the batteries yet.


I agree with @missellienc: you can't go wrong with Cree. I have 2 of the Cree 160 Lumen LED Flashlights from woot, and love them; batteries last long, and they are sturdy. They're ridged on the ends, so they double as a deterrent if necessary. :)


@mtm2: but does anyone deliver them in the middle of a hurricane


You can't go wrong with a Maglite. It might not be the brightest but it will last forever (as long as the batteries don't corrode inside. That's the only way I've ever had one fail.) I recommend a couple of 2 AA ones at at least one 3D one. Both have what I call "candle" mode which allows you unscrew the head and use it as a base so you can stand the light up like a candle (doesn't work with the LED models though). Great for during blackouts. They're also water proof, will still work if you drop them off a cliff...yes I know that from experience...and the 3D or larger ones make for pretty good blunt force weapons if it comes to that. They're fairly inexpensive and should be available in any big box store.


You won't go wrong with a Cree or Mag product. Buy whichever is more available to you.


I abuse my 3D and 2AA LED Maglites with fireworks and audio production gigs and they've yet to fail aside from running out of batteries (buy a pack of each - or two - for the storm; if it's severe and knocks out a lot of power, you could be without electricity up to a week). And candle mode works fine with my LED models.


Agree with the MagLight thought. The bad part is that you may have a hard time finding one right now. For every body else, take this as an advance opportunity to prepare for blizzards and ice storms this winter. Plenty of flashlights with a crap ton of batteries. Non perishable food, I keep a couple of cases of MREs ready. Water, ideally one gallon per person, figure 3 days. A radio, best with a backup hand crank.

This reminds me to get my generator online in the next month or so.


I'd recommend any from Bass Pro, provided that you pick it up from the one in Springfield, MO. Far enough away from the storm to not die holding your brand new flashlight.


There aren't many good flashlights sold in stores these days so if you survive the storm I would buy some good ones online.

That being said there are two brands off the top of my hand sold in stores that are pretty good in my opinion.

The duracell daylight and the rayovac extremes.

Generally though you want something that is LED and hopefully has a CREE led in it.

Rayovac also makes good lanterns if you see one.


The old stand-by for Woot a year back... The Cree Q5 for less than $10 that uses AA batteries... (now comes in colored cases)


I think they sell fenix lights at home depot which are quite nice. Might be more than you want to spend, but they are great lights.


I just checked the storm track at the National Hurricane Center website and your have 48 hours until Sandy reaches the coast.

I live in South Florida and it has been my experience that with only 48 hours until a hurricane hits that it is too late to do anything because everyone it out shopping & getting gas in their cars so the stores are crowded, the shelves are empty & the lines are very long at gas stations.

You should be stocking up on bottled water, canned goods, a hand operated can opener and perhaps a really good ice chest with lots of ice to preserve the perishables you have in your refrigerator & freezer.

If you are worried about an extended power failure that should be your priority instead of wondering about buying a good flashlight because all of the stores near you have already sold all of the flashlights they have in stock and they won't be restocking the shelves until after the storm passes.


MAKE SURE IT'SCREE! :). As long as you buy a CREE powered flashlight, you should be just peachy.
Typically most flashlights you see that advertise the Lumens are CREE LEDs. Like a few other people have said: CREE bulbs are the gold standard - almost everything about them is better. Better brigthness, better color, better life [usually] etc.
I'm not super picky, but I wouldn't touch a standard LED light nowdays..

SureFire makes awesome lights if you can find 'em at a BM store..


@pinchecat: Of course, as long as it isn't the Post Office.


Grew up in south Louisiana you want a bunch of little lights. Flashlights only work for whats in front of you, and hurts the eyes going from dark to bright. You want a bunch of little lights that don't blind you, make it easy to transition between darker areas, and provide ambient light. Make sure you light any corners you have to walk because shadows play tricks and you will stub your toes especially the little ones. I like throwing a bunch of little electric tea-lights everywhere and they're pretty cheap. Good luck.


The best flashlight in an emergency is almost any LED flashlight providing there is no nuclear or emp event involved. Most LED flashlights have voltage regulating chips in them and unless very heavily shielded the flashlight will probably fail from an EMP. A more traditional flashlight without microchips would be better for EMP emergencies.