questionsis woots 5 dollar standard shipping shipped…


Most, though not all, shipments are via Smart Post. They begin w/Fed-Ex and end w/USPS delivery. (Wine purchases are always Fed-ex). Side note: I am not an authority on this, so take it w/a tablespoon of salt (inflation raised it from a grain).


Sort of.....sometimes...more like what she ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ said.


My last few have been via USPS. But the last one showed a USPS tracking number but was actually delivered by UPS.


I I unlocked $5 all you can ship early on 2/20 - my spending spree of 4 Woot items show my Airwalk 36" Foam Sled - Purple is coming by way of UPS ground, the rest by way of USPS (1 initially Fedex smartpost).....


Depends on how it's shipped.

Most of our items ship from your closest FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse. They will choose the most economical shipping method from them to you. It varies from item to item, place to place. It can be FedEx, UPS, SmartPost, USPS, etc.

If the item is drop shipped from a vendor, they often choose the method of shipping themselves.